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App features


Search domains and view suggestions.


Purchase, renew, and backorder domains.


Setup Private WHOIS, manage DNS, edit contacts, unlock domains.

Why Android?

We decided to be slightly unconventional and create an Android app before an iPhone app. Part of the reason we did this was because the Android platform allows us to reach a wider variety of phones on different networks, and larger portion of the community.

What about an iPhone app?

We have spent a lot of time laying down the foundation for a great Android app, so we anticipate a smooth transition as we convert the experience over to the iPhone. An iPhone app is on our radar and coming your way soon.

There is no doubt the Android app is super awesome, but there is even more excitement to come!

V2 Features:

  • WHOIS lookup
  • ‘My Backorders’ built into navigation
  • Alerts when a domain is entering pending delete status
  • Saved search
  • Domain wish list
  • Sync computer account activity to the phone
  • Auto renew available
  • Purchase account credit through the app
  • Ability to default nameservers for every domain

Help us make this the best domain app anywhere. Have a feature in mind you don’t see here? Shoot us an email ( with your feedback and let us know!