Dedicated Server Web Hosting

In most hosting arrangements, clients want nothing more than to have their information made accessible to the Internet at large, without bothering to manage a server themselves. This situation is ideal for people without much technical experience as the experts at a hosting company would be in charge of the technical aspects of hosting. Some people, however, prefer to manage their own hosting environment and only need to rent the physical server hardware. This situation is called dedicated server hosting.

In a dedicated hosting agreement, the client has complete access to a single server or set of servers. The client is then free to choose whichever operating system and application platform he wants, as he will be able to customize the server to his liking. Different hosting companies offer a variety of support ranging from an almost complete hands-off experience to a fairly robust support system, so there is a hosting solution available to meet just about any need.

Dedicated server hosting benefits:

The benefits of a dedicated hosting solution generally depend on how much management the hosting company is required to do, but the largest benefit is having the resources of a complete-or near- complete-server. This allows the client to decide on which kind of data security they need and keeps their information better segregated from the rest of the information flowing through the data center.

For clients who have the technical know-how to run their own server hardware, cost is almost always the reason to choose a dedicated hosting solution. A large data center is able to secure extremely low bandwidth prices and pass those savings on to their clients. For most clients, the amount of bandwidth they consume costs far less through a host than it would if they owned and operated their own hardware.

Of course, not every client who wants a dedicated server wants to manage their own hardware, so hosting providers also offer a wide range of management options. A fully managed situation can take care of everything, with the client only supervising the result; while a managed situation will have the hosting company take care of most of the backend and maintenance work while allowing the client to change things as needed. There are even unmanaged options, where the client controls everything and the host simply owns the hardware.

Although we don't currently offer Dedicated Server Web Hosting, it is in the product pipeline so expect it this year!