AUTHOR: Namedotcom

How to set up a branded short URL with Buffer

If you use Buffer to schedule your social media posts, you’ve probably noticed that the URLs that you share are shortened to something like “” or “” Have you ever wondered if you could have your very own shortened URL that uses your personal or business brand name? Well, it’s something that you can easily set up to use in your branding efforts on social media.  We’ve created a simple guide to help you setup your own custom short URL on Buffer.

We’re heading to Seattle Startup Week next week (come find us!)

We’re sponsoring Seattle Startup Week next week, and are beyond excited to participate in a week of startup glory with our favorite Seattle-area tech friends. You may be wondering why exactly we decided to sponsor Seattle Startup Week when is based in Denver. The short answer: Seattle is awesome! The long answer: We wanted to support this Startup Week because of the amazing talent and ambition that the builders and entrepreneurs of Seattle have. The level of excitement and high caliber of ideas that come out of the Seattle area made supporting Seattle Startup Week an easy choice. As an added bonus, our parent company, Rightside, is based in Kirkland, so this is a simple way for us to spread the word about Rightside while promoting in a fun way.