How to get traffic to your website: The Web Address, Episode 2

Some people simply know how to get things done. I’m not sure whether you’d call Whitney Trujillo a serial entrepreneur or a biz dev genius or one hip woman who somehow raises two boys (with her husband, Carlos) while harnessing the power of the web to make digital magic, but whatever it is, she garners goodness with great ideas and a ton of hard work. In our second episode of The Web Address, we talk to Trujillo about how she gets so much traffic to her website, The Mother List, and she divulges the secrets to great headlines, tricks of solid SEO, and why you shouldn’t get preachy on the ‘Net. Also, we unveil the latest Meme of the Week and send support legend Erik Kinney into the street to find Denver’s inner Ninjas.

Episode 2 guide*:

Meme of the Week: 0:36 – 0:58 Erik, Man on the Street: :58 – 2:55

A Word from our Sponsor: 2:56 – 2:58  <—–please note, that unlike other broadcast entities, we only have 2 seconds of commercials.

Interview with the Mother of all Mother’s, Whitney Trujillo on getting website traffic: 3:00 ——>

Here’s the first episode of The Web Address featuring more SEO Tips and Tricks.

*Before you see just how interesting and brilliant this interview is, I must take one moment to shame The Hammer. Uh, what? I’ll explain. The Hammer is a massive crane-operated pile driver that’s pounding support beams into the street right outside our office. Despite a thumping so ridiculous that our beverages were bouncing across the table, we managed to record this interview while The Hammer rested. This is behind-the-scenes info you won’t get anywhere else.