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New Dots Going In New Directions

Looking through the list of new gTLDs (nTLDs), there are many that have very practical uses for a lot of people. A .bank domain makes a lot of sense from the bank and the customer’s perspective to ensure security and market effectively. Being environmentally friendly is popular, important and covered by .eco or .green. No matter what your profession or interest, chances are that there is a nTLD for you. It easy to see why most of the nTLDs were applied for.

On top of the nTLDs you would probably expect, there are a few you might be surprised to learn about. These nTLDs boldly defy common convention and in some cases even reality. As a company that values breaking the mold, we love these nTLDs are excited to offer them. Here are a look at some of our office favorites and what we hope they will be used for.


As a mythical beast that represents pure badassery, the unicorn is as close as anything to an official mascot. Anyone who has not tried the konami code on our website should definitely check it out. Although the last reliable unicorn sighting hasn’t been for several years (my brother’s wife’s cousin’s friend swears…) unicorns remain as captivating as ever.

What we are imaging

The .unicorn nTLD will allow people to finally own this mythical best. Flying.unicorn, fast.unicorn, purple.unicorn – pick your favorite! No matter what kind of unicorn you want, the .unicorn space will make your dream a reality.

What’s closer to the truth

.Unicorn is being applied for a European technology company so that they can more easily communicate with their customers. It appears that while they offer a wide range of technology services, they do not sell legendary animals.


Stealthy warriors who live in the shadows, the ninja is never there and always there. Even the non teenage-mutant kinds are still pretty awesome.

What we are imaging

Upon purchase of a .Ninja domain, you do in fact become a ninja. Skilled in martial arts and deception, owning a .ninja domain allows you to fight for truth, justice and honor from the shadows. Also throwing stars. Lots of throwing stars.

What’s closer to the truth

Our Sys Admin has been signing all of his emails “Sr. System Administrator (IT Ninja)” since long before this nTLD came around. Used as a synonym for “expert” in the tech industry, .ninja has a lot of great potential for online experts looking to standout in the crowd. Also owning a katana may be slightly more justified.


There is a heavy office debate over who would win a fight between a viking or ninja. It’s hard to discount the whole life of fighting and plundering thing even against throwing stars.

What we are imaging

The viking nTLD will finally create a space for vikings on the go to connect with each other.  After a long row or difficult raid, find the maiden you always hoped for on or download your favorite epic poem from Finally a place on the Internet for vikings from vikings.

What’s closer to the truth

.Viking is being applied for by a cruise operator headquarter in Los Angeles. Their application states that domain is not available for public registration. So while our dreams of owning may be dashed, at least we don’t have to worry about the whole being sacked and looted thing.

and finally the office favorite…


Of all the nTLDs on this list, what we are thinking and what the nTLD is are actually the same thing. This is a nTLD for everything horse. How cool is that?! Although does not own a horse (yet) .horse has become a constant in email threads and office conversations. Expect a disproportionate amount of .horse domains to be registered at if only because every employee here wants one.

Come to think of it, the only two types of nTLDs on this list are equestrian animals and ancient lifestyles. I guess we all want to be horse riding ninjas or unicorn riding vikings. We’ll probably stick to being a kick ass domain registrar for now, but if you need a horse riding viking or unicorn riding ninja– send our support team an email and we will see what we can do.

Which ones are we missing? What are your favorites?

Halloween Costumes 2012: The Namers Dress as the nTLDs (New TLDs)

With anything we do we need focus, so Nic and Nick, in compliance and web dev, respectively, came up with the theme for our 2012 Halloween Contest: Dress up Halloween, costumes, "new TLDs", ntlds, "the new dots", domains, office, contestlike the nTLDs, or the New Dots as we call them here in the office. Turns out with as many as the new domain extensions that have been made public, there’s a lot of opportunity for creativity. Yes, we would have someone honor .WANG and .PORN. But we’ll only show you his backside, as even though it’s Halloween, we still don’t thing you deserved to be that frightened.

In no particular order, but with the greatest pride, we bring you our nTLD costumes.

Representing .MONSTER, heres Dave McBreen…rawr!

halloween with the ntlds

Not to be outdone, here’s his brother, Scott, as .WINES…

halloween with the ntlds

And always creative and popular with the boys, Shannon goes for the trifecta with .VIDEO, .GAME and .BOX

halloween with the ntlds

Pat “P-Mo” Moroney blossoms with .FLOWERS

halloween with the ntlds

Ashley is selfless as usual, dressed up as .YOU (also .YOGA) (with the reflection on my head you can see infinity)

halloween with the ntlds

Sean reminds people everywhere what .HIP is

halloween with the ntlds

Nic sets the bar as .LEGO

halloween with the ntlds

Chani looks like heaven but she’s actually .RUN because you do NOT want to mess with a Weeping Angel on Dr. Who…

halloween with the ntlds

Nick instills in us .FAITH and .LDS

halloween with the ntlds

Pat “P-Fro” Ramsey is a .DOCTOR and recommends at least a beer a day…

halloween with the ntlds

Cedar graces us with .PINK

halloween with the ntlds

John scores major points for wearing the least appropriate (dude, there’s a front on this too) costume in a workplace by being .SKI, .PORN, .MINI, .WANG, .BEER and awesome all in one.

halloween with the ntlds

Parker serves up his Colorado Buffaloes Ralphie mascot, while highlighting the importance of .PET and .UNIVERSITY

halloween with the ntlds

Dave “Fitz” Fitzgerald is a .RODEO .STAR (his rope reportedly borrowed by .LEGO and not returned)

halloween with the ntlds


halloween with the ntlds

Little Delia Rose rocks the Ladybug. AND THE WINNER IS…

New TLDs Story Time Competition comes to Climactic Finish

It began as an internal office contest, and our Name peeps poured their hearts out. Paul, the VP of Everything, reminisced about the days BC (Before Children)…

I’m the .dad of three amazing boys. .Life can be funny, one minute you’re riding .motorcycles, drinking .beer and heading to the big .party, and the .next minute you’re running after .kids and picking up .toys.

And Ashley, our Marketing Something or Other, laid bare her soul…

Not to get all .blue on you but let it .beknown that rather than dreaming about being .rich I’d probably be happier if I could just .meet a .hot .gent.

And then we took our little show on the road, asking all of you to send in your stories written using the New TLDs. Now we have a winner. Nic, who presides over all things New TLDs, is here to make the announcement.

“The New TLD Storytime competition officially drew to an end last Friday. We are stoked to announce that the best story has been chosen. Painting a vivid tale of hope, intrigue and perhaps the very meaning of life – David was able to finish on top and win both $30.00 in account credit and some delicious baked goods. Without further ado, the masterpiece that carried him to victory:

“.ONE .DAY I was .PLAY.ING .XBOX at my .UNIVERSITY. I saw another .MAN spectating my .GAME from across the hall. I asked his name but he only ran away. I .CHASEd this .MAN across the campus until I caught up to him. “.BINGO!” he yelled. I then realized he was my favorite .CEO from .APPLE. I tried to ask him why he was .WATCH.ING me .PLAY . XBOX then ran when I approached him. He only looked at me .AND told me to .BUY more .APPs.”

Congrats David, and thanks to all those who played! Check out all the submissions here. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, you can also still submit your own to be featured alongside David’s tour de force.”

new gTLD story time winner contest

As documented on his Facebook page, our winner was made to win this contest.

Allison Pill, Kate Middleton, Britney Spears, iphone 5 on trenD

Domains and Trends in one! In this episode…

It’s something that really should be a major part of this year’s elections: Why is it so awful to see a naked breast? Princess Kate Middleton shed her royal garb and a French tabloid posted the pics. Now the palace is ticked and all the world in a fury. Why? It’s the Puritans isn’t it? Those skin-covering sin police who dressed beautiful natives in Big Dog t-shirts. Dang it. It’s wrong. And then there’s the iPhone 5. People say they are disappointed, but analysts say there should still be about 6,000,000 pre-orders.

Finally, the Innocence of Muslims is a really bad video that no one should get excited about.

Rated PG, for reals.

A show about what’s trending across the internets and the domain names that love them.
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Read about Allison Pill and her topless photos:

Read about Kate Middleton and her topless photos:

Read about Britney Spears showing her curves on X-Factor

Then buy the domain: (available as of 9/14/12)

Watch the iphone 5 reaction on Live with Jimmy Kimmel.,2817,2409665,00.asp#

But then you have to buy:

Haven’t heard about Innocence of Muslims?
Read about it here:

Then buy the domain and tell them to:

Going to the Chapel…The New gTLDs A Boon for Weddings

I’m going to a .wedding.
The global wedding industry is a $298 billion/year business and growing. Even with the average wedding cost dropping in 2011 from its high of $28,730 in 2007, the average cost of a wedding today is $25,630. Adding a .wedding website isn’t going to break the bank, and if you’re a wedding vendor, could be as good as money in it.
The new top level domain .wedding, which should become available for registration in the near future, has the potential to become very popular with brides and grooms wanting to create a dedicated website for their wedding and the events leading up to the big day. Wedding websites are becoming ever more popular and provide a way for couples to share important information with their family and guests about their important day.
New gTLDs are hereWedding websites frequently include information about the couple, highlighting how they met or how he/she proposed, as well as more logistical information like how to get to the ceremony if the wedding is being held abroad. The .wedding extension is a perfect canvas for everything informative and entertaining, and can be a keepsake of the bride and groom’s most cherished memories.
If you’re a wedding vendor — florist, wedding planning, wedding photographer, deejay, etc.–a .wedding extension can help reinforce your brand and let your customers know about the wedding specific services your company offers. Smart wedding vendors can use a .wedding domain as either their primary website or a companion site to the main domain, but with more information geared toward what brides and grooms are looking for. It’s unclear how the new extensions will impact search engine results, but it’s likely that if you have a .wedding domain with wedding content on it – it’s not going to hurt you and will most likely help.
If you’re planning a wedding in the near future, make sure to sign up for our New gTLD Watch List for when this new extension becomes available, and add this as the ‘something new’ to your list.
Contributed by Paul Carter, who is happily married and the VP of Operations, aka Chief Tugboat Operator, at

Get the Website You’ve Always Wanted: The new gTLDs Bring Back the 90s

You may remember a decade when the economy rolled and opportunity smelled like teen spirit. It was the 90s, a time when the Internet was new and fresh and you could get venture capital just by breathing. It was a time of joy, with boy bands leaping about and Will Smith helping people everywhere get Jiggy wit it. It was also a time of great innocence, before we knew how bad the Star Wars prequels were, and just how quickly so many of the great domain names would get gobbled up. Nowadays you can’t just saunter on to the web and expect to get or even It’s a tougher world we live in…unless…unless YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME!!

Or maybe not. You don’t need to be sucked into a wormhole, vaporized across dimensions and subjected to Bill and Monica! Because soon you’ll be able to get exactly the website you want. The new gTLDs–or as we call them, The New Dots–are coming and you can get on our new TLD Watch List right now. Tell us what extensions you hope to get, and soon you’ll be the horse trainer with, the newly engaged couple with, or the creative juggernaut with

The opportunities of the 90s are back. Let us know if you want to get your pet a .pet, or maybe your gamer a .game. There are over 1900 potential domain names like .blog, .bank, .app, .lol, .kids…and yes…even .wtf. You didn’t miss an opportunity in the 90s…you were just holding out for a better one! So now what are you waiting for? Get connected with The New Dots today!

To Boldly Go Where No Domain Has Gone Before

There are a whole bunch of unknowns surrounding the nTLDs, new gTLDs and/or new TLDs…or what we’ve named them, The New Dots. Besides what to call them, there are still many big questions looming in the distance. Which ones will make it through the application process? How will ICANN delegate the new TLDs? What will they cost? What about trademarks? Sunrises? Landrushes? What will the domain name landscape look like when it’s all said and done?

Boldly go with new domainsWe can’t pretend to have the answers to any of these questions. The evolution of life, KFC’s secret recipe, how many licks it takes to get to the end of a Tootsie Pop and the nTLDs – we can make educated guesses based on the information we do have, but in the end the nTLDs are in many ways a mystery. Looking at past TLD drops and predictions by experts is certainly helpful and can shape our actions, but is in no way definite. While we respect and listen to those in the domain community, they are a small fraction of the Internet at large. In truth we don’t know what you, the Internet user, will do when the nTLDs become available (although we are certainly trying to figure it out!)

So why even bother? Maybe we should stick with our 10-character domain names and give up on the dream of a shorter pertinent domain? Although their place in the domain name landscape will certainly change, .COM and the other TLDs will still be around after the The New Dots become available. Like tape decks and comb-overs, the current TLDs may not be exciting, but it is hard to imagine a world without them.

However, we are taking a leap into the pool of uncertainty, but more importantly the pool of potential that is The New Dots. A leap into the change that IS coming. A leap towards owning the perfect domain. A leap towards significant commercial and registration success that we have not seen before and may not see again.

As the adventure that is The New Dots continues, we invite you to take this journey with us. Let us help you find your perfect domain. No registrar can promise that the The New Dot domain you have in mind will be yours, but here at we can promise you that we will work to the best of our abilities to make the TLDs you want available and the domain you are hoping for a reality.

Let us help you take advantage of a truly once in a lifetime opportunity.

Fortune favors the bold.

Storytime with The New Dots: The new gTLDs woven into narrative

The other day Nic and Nick, of compliance and web dev, respectively, came up with an idea to use the forthcoming new gTLDs, or The New Dots as we call them, to write a story.The New Dots or new gTLDs

The next morning, Ashley fired off a heart-wrenching piece about her personal life and it set the bar for New Dot narratives.

Read them .Here!

Here’s how it .works…

It doesn’t matter if you’re .gay or .Republican or both, or you’re from a .family of .Irish .Indians all named .Wang and enjoy a .sexy .lifestyle in .Brussels, you’ll find something for .you and your .pets with The New Dots. So grab the .kids and enjoy a .free .holiday as you read these .winners. Better than .pizza? Maybe. Better than .sex? Well, we can guarantee that none of them .sucks.

.WTF? you ask? Go ahead visit The New Dots on the .web, and you’ll be a .fan of the new .art of making a .meme with .domains for your .blog or .website. It’s .fun!

The New Dots: The Next Generation of gTLDs is Here

What up Internet? It’s twenty twelve. If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve thought about that, stop and smell the roses. Seriously, take a look around! I bet you see some people on their smart phones. Probably didn’t see that one coming 10 years ago… it’s funny how new technologies work that way. You didn’t know that you couldn’t live without a smart phone until you had one, broke it, and tried to go back to a paper map, your parent’s dinner recommendations, email on your computer, and most importantly a world without Angry Birds.

These are more than just changes in technology; they are changes in who we are as people. How we communicate, how we do business, how we spend our free time – it all evolves with new technologies and the growth of the Internet. Wouldn’t you have wanted to be in on the iPhone (or even iPods for that matter) before they hit the masses? Be the early adopter that brought your friends up to speed? Well lucky for you we’re on the brink of something huge. The Internet as you know it is about to change dramatically. The best part? These changes are flying totally under the radar. We spend more and more time online than ever before and the very nature of how you surf the web is about to change, yet you don’t hear very many people talking about it.

ICANN New Dot Video

With the “opening up of the Internet” by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or basically the governing body ruling over the Internet) there’s about to be much more than just .com, .net, and the rest of the gang (.org, .co, .tv, .me, .us – the list goes on and on!). It’s not that COM and NET are going away, they’re just getting a lot more company.

So what does that mean for you?

Well I don’t know you. Are you a dreamer? An entrepreneur? An artist? A totally non-tech savvy person who simply likes to surf the web? For the first time a web surfer can expect what type of content can be found on a given page before they reach the site. For example, is definitely a site targeted toward surfers whereas is much more ambiguous. That in turn also gives people branding themselves or their business online new tools to drive more targeted eyeballs their way. Whatever unique online presence you’ve dreamed of is now at your fingertips. It’s up to you how you use it.

For a full list of the new extensions that have been applied for, click here.

Tell us what you’re interested in. Browse our content, learn a little, and add extensions to your watcher. Start dreaming & scheming. You can recreate yourself, your art, or your business online in a way that has never been seen or dreamed of before.

ICANN Reveals the New gTLDs

Call it what you want, a giant boondoggle or the greatest thing to happen to commerce since money, but the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has revealed the applications for the new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLD). These aren’t your COMs and NETs from way back in 2011, but the .COKE and .FATBABY or whatever you can conjure and afford.

There were some surprises, like the multitude of companies going after .APP does not include Apple, Inc., and Google went bonkers, applying for more than 100 new domain extensions.

google's new gtld bid

Graphic via

For anyone whose like, “What?” The new gTLD came about when ICANN opened up the door to any word in all kinds of languages to live on the right of the dot. If Google gets .LOL, for example, they’ll sell it like a traditional registry, just as Verisign does COM/NET/TV.

It’s a pricey venture. ICANN will take in about $357,000,000 for the $185,000 per application. So, yes, Google has dropped a small country’s GDP applying for new gTLDs.

Now it gets exciting. With some domain extensions like .GROCERY a hot item, you’ll probably see bidding wars between the likes of Wal-mart and Safeway. Although it’s not just the big boys who get to offer input. ICANN has opened up a 60-day comment period where the public can submit comments on the newly revealed applications.

ICANN also offers these stats:

Of the 1,930 applications received:

  • 66 are geographic name applications.
  • 116 applications are for Internationalized Domain Names, or IDNs, for strings in scripts such as Arabic, Chinese, and Cyrillic.

Applications were received from 60 countries and territories, broken down by ICANN’s geographic regions;

  • 911 from North America.
  • 675 from Europe.
  • 303 are from Asia-Pacific.
  • 24 from Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • 17 from Africa.

As for, we need to wait for the domains to be approved, and then we’ll offer as many as we can get. There will be a lot that goes into this process, like an entire new infrastructure for domain registries and registrars (like us.) With that kind of excitement (read: fevered work) we’ll be keeping you posted on all the new updates as the come in.