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The Business Case for Your Own Top-Level Domain Name

Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership brought us a free webinar: “Who Should Invest in a dotBRAND?” Now here’s the deal: Beginning on January 12, 2012, you can apply for any kind of new dot–not only the dotCOMs or dotORGs, but a whole new world of generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs). Coke might buy .Coke and Pepsi .Pepsi. You could even buy .Happiness.

I should that mention that while some of the brand domains won’t be available to the public, as many as possible will be found at That covered, we hoped to find out something else: Is this right for you?

Evaluate Business case of your own dotBrand

In the beginning, it was weird. The presentation was stilted and filled with nervous trepidation, like they were being held hostage by a gun-toting naysayer. I pinged that to Ashley, our marketing coordinator, and she said that maybe they were trying to weed out the bad applicants. The awkwardness highlighted the very real debate about the necessity of these new domains. Our hosts were wrestling with the negative aspects of owning one. However, if you stayed long enough, you would be comforted by benefits of paying $185,000 to apply for your own top-level domain. First, let’s take a look at the downside of ponying up for your own TLD.

Downside to your own gTLD:

1. Cost. Yah, you’re looking at $185 grand to get started, and there’s ongoing annual costs that could run at about $250,000.
2. From start to finish it seems like a lot of work. Think about all that comes with migrating to a new site let alone a whole new gTLD. You’ll have to reignite your SEO, spend on a new awareness campaign and get your already overworked IT to segue your old dot into your new dot.
3. There is some vagueness in the application process. It opens up January 12, 2012, and just how they’re going to process the influx of requests was not answered very clearly.
4. The application sounds intense. This is where they’re going to weed out the bad apps; with 50 questions, many of them very technical, and some of them requiring multiple pages for answers.
And now some benefits:
1. It was mentioned by panelist Paul Twomey that if you’re worried about costs, then think of how much you might spend on a major advertising buy, and see the “costs” as an important investment.
2. Places that don’t have trademark can get one with their shiny, new dotBRAND.
3. You can control your brand and who can have a second-level domain in your gTLD. For example, Toyota can control traffic, inviting only those they want in their realm. Denverdealer.Toyota = Yes! Priusnearlykilledme.Toyota = Probably not.
Another example is that a premium brand like .ROLEX could let customers know who their authorized dealers are, and Rolex saves on fraud an abuse.
4. You can control what is acceptable use of your branded distributors and better define your online franchise agreements.
5. You have a built-in business model of reselling your domain (assuming anyone else wants to be on .BP.)
6. Your domains will be simplified. Imagine much of what you see now, like shortened to newyork.product. That’s a user-friendly promotional bonanza.
Good or bad, there’s a little known industry that’s about to boom: The new gTLD Migration Consultant. It’s going to be a big deal to move Pepsi from a .COM to .PEPSI. If you’re someone with some knowledge on domains and the behind-the-scenes DNS magic, then moving these branded behemoths could be your new and lucrative gig. Call if you need a pool boy.

.XXX ’96 The Virtual Red Light District





So what is .XXX? How will it work? How do you protect your brand? And how much will it cost? Here’s the low down’85

Benefits of .XXX:

.XXX is the new voluntary extension for pornographic websites – yes you read that right. It’s Great for both pornographic providers as well as searchers/visitors. Here’s why:

  • .XXX is a recognizable, globally promoted brand
  • Registrants will benefit from global marketing campaigns resulting in greater awareness
  • This extension is unique in that it can help you brand your site like no other extension currently available
  • Content on .XXX sites will be regularly scanned by McAfee malware so visitors can feel safe and secure knowing they are in a trusted environment. This will result in greater traffic and repeat traffic leading to more conversions (paying customers)
  • .XXX is a new sTLD with great availability, thousands of short, keyword rich domains ripe for the picking

Protecting your brand

Not into the whole porn thing? Register .XXX to protect your brand. Trademark owners and brand holders can register their and set the site to not resolve to ensure no inappropriate content is associated with your brand. Give yourself peace of mind and protect your trademark before it’s too late.

When, where, & how to register .XXX:

Find which category you qualify for:

Members of the adult sponsored community with trademark rights that match the .XXX string being applied for – Sunrise AT, September 7th -October 28th. $199.00 includes $115.00 non-refundable fee

Members of the adult sponsored community who have a domain that matches the .XXX string bring applied for – Sunrise AD, September 7th – October 28th. $159.99, includes $75.00 non-refundable fee

Non-members of the adult sponsored community with trademark rights that wish to block their domain in the .XXX TLD – Sunrise B, September 7th – October 28th. $199.00 non refundable.

Members of the adult sponsored community who don’t qualify for Sunrise A but want to avoid first come, first served general availability risks – Landrush application November 8th – November 25th, $149.99, includes $69.99 non-refundable fee.

Members of the adult sponsored community who wish to apply for an available domain on a first come, first served basis. General availability pre-registration, December 6th, $84.99 FULLY REFUNDABLE

Click here for more information on who qualifies for the sponsored community.

.XXX is a hot new domain with lots of benefits, pre-order your .XXX now before it’s too late!

Do .SO today!

We are .SO excited to let you guys know that .SO domains are officially available for registration starting tonight at 6pm MST (3/31/11)! .SO is the ccTLD (country code top level domain) for Somalia, Africa! It will be available at at the very affordable price of just $23.99. This extension is open to everyone for registration (you do not need to be a resident of Somalia). Since this is such a new extension there is still great availability, .SO don’t delay in nailing down the exact name you want.

Wondering what the .SO extension can do for you? Well for starters .SO is short and memorable. It’s a great opportunity for fun and clever domain hacks. It’s always a good idea to safeguard you assets; protect your online and personal identity by registering your name/business name across ccTLDs – before your competition beats you to the punch! Another great use of .SO is registering short, keyword rich domains.

The possibilities are endless, it’s up to you to get creative and aggressive in securing the exact name you want! .SO get to it!