We’re sponsoring Boulder Startup Week, come hang out with us!


We’re heading to our second Startup Week of the year (with the first being Portland), and we’re beyond excited for it! We’ll be on the ground at Boulder Startup Week, roaming from event-to-event, giving out free t-shirts, free domain name, and hosting a handful of our own events.

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Hack the Dot Boulder is happening. Let’s #getnerdy together.


We’re sponsoring the Hack the Dot hackathon that’s coming to Boulder for Boulder Startup Week! We’re pretty excited about this because, while it’s not far from Denver, it’s the second city to host a Hack the Dot domain-driven hackathon.

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Recap of Hack the Dot Hackathon at Galvanize gSchool


We sponsored the Hack the Dot domain hackathon last night, and it was insanely fun! The way this hackathon worked was 35 coders came and were randomly assigned to 7 teams. The teams were then all told one domain name, and had to come up with funny and functional websites for that name. In this case, the domain was The teams came up with ideas for ranging from Tinder for buying croissants, to a funky croissant workout tool. Ultimately, Tinder for croissants took the win and there will be something up on showing off their creation within the next few days.

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Portland Startup Week 2015 (Photo Gallery)


We spent all last week at Portland Startup Week, where we went to a whopping 16 events. We spread the magic all around Stumptown by taking over a coffee shop, giving away .ninja domains, soft t-shirts, stickers, and more. We also helped with a hackathon with Quick Left, where people had a few hours to get nerdy and build wearables.

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Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco 2015 (Photo Gallery)


We spent the weekend at Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco. It was a fantastic event with over 100 participants and around 200 people walking through the door as coaches, mentors, or demo watchers. The participants and observers were all part of a 54 hour hackathon where people came in Friday night to pitch ideas, vote on ideas, and then build companies. In just a weekend, ideas became validated companies that had functional products. The winner of the 2015 Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco event was a team called Literator. Literator makes it easy to organize and analyze data that teachers are already collecting on their students, so that students can get more out of their one-on-one time with teachers. Literator is effectively helping teachers be more paperless, which leads to efficiency, easier teacher-to-parent communication, and a higher quality of education.

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We’re heading to Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco next week


We’re heading to Startup Weekend EDU San Francisco next week, and are beyond stoked! We’ll be there to help people get their ideas online in just 54 hours, and offering a glorious amount of high fives to the people who build their startups on a .CO domain name.

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We’re heading to Portland Startup Week 2015!


This year is the inaugural Portland Startup Week, and is heading to Portland to shower attendees in swag like t-shirts, free domain names, good coffee, and more! We’re getting involved with Portland Startup Week because we always have a blast at Denver Startup Week, and think Startup Week events are a great way to spread the love while giving back to the startup community.

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And now to Ignite Denver

Ignite denver tickets

and tacos and fun.

This will be the 10th Ignite Denver that has been a part of. Why? Because it’s the perfect blend of brains, beer, and another word that starts with b and means “packed theater of community goodness and hilarity and free stuff.” It’s that good. That’s why we’d like you to join us at the Oriental Theater this Thursday, October 9th. The doors open at 6 and the show is at 7. We’ll even give you a free t-shirt. All you need to do is get your ticket at

It’s the kind of mind-blowing debauchery that comes with all the fun and none of the guilt.

So what the heck is Ignite Denver? It’s people from all over the area who have 5 minutes on stage to share their passion for … well, anything. It doesn’t matter...

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Get on stage and share your business idea at Denver Insight Night


Have you got an idea that will change the world? Or Arvada? We’d like to hear about your business and how it’s changing the economy, the culture and/or the universe. The show is called Denver Insight Night, and it takes place the night of Tuesday, Sept. 16 during the very popular Denver Startup Week. Here’s what you gotta do: Send us your pitch for a presentation. Keep it short and snappy. Include your brief synopsis of the story that people will see. I say “see” because Insight Night is inspired by the people who do Ignite Denver, so each presentation includes 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. If your pitch is voted in, you make the slides and we’ll help all we can along the way.

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Free coffee, smart people and domain discounts #DOCC


Some companies will do anything to get attention and more customers. All we’re doing is buying you pastries and coffee while offering up ridiculous discounts on domains, websites, and hosting. We also offer free swag and will bring your beverage to you. This is the kind of nonchalant whatevs attention we give the participants of the Denver Open Coffee Club. The #DOCC is a longstanding Denver/Boulder (there’s a #BOCC as well) tradition where people from all walks of life (tech, technology, computers) gather for an hour to share the latest news, job openings and Internet buzz. (For me, personally, the #DOCC is where I first heard about If you’d like to come by and be steeped in the kind of welcoming conversation that makes people want to hug total strangers, then the meetup happens every other Tuesday (the next one being August 5, 2014) at Fluid Coffee Bar in Denver. That’s what it’s all about. And we’ll also shower you with discounts and feed you grapes.

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