Meet us at SXSW 2016

It’s that time of year again: The time when tens of thousands of people descend on the city of Austin and it becomes the epicenter of all things music, film, and tech for a glorious 10 days. And thus, three of’s finest are packing up our bags, stocking up on Bearglecorn stickers, and heading down to Austin ourselves. There, we’ll hand out free domains, take part in one of the biggest hackathons in the business, and hopefully get a chance to chat with some of our customers.

We’ll be a South by Southwest Music Festival from Monday Mar. 14 until Thursday Mar. 17, and we’d love for you to come say hello!

Find us at Portland Startup Week

Last year during #PDXStartupWeek we walked many miles around Portland giving out domain names and learning from the best minds in tech. We slept very little and loved every moment of it. Eating was very nearly optional as you could practically dine on the enthusiasm. This year we’ll be back in the Willamette Valley with similar intentions. BUT THIS TIME WE’RE BUYING BEER. It’s not all about that, of course, so here’s the break down on all of the benefits we hope to bring to Portland Startup Week:

Rightside’s own DJ STATN to perform at NamesCon

By day, Statton Hammock is the VP, Business & Legal Affairs at Rightside and our go-to expert on all things business, legal, and registry operations policy. But in his free time, Statton has a very different hobby—mixing tracks and DJing at events as his alter ego, DJ STATN.

We’re very excited to announce that DJ STATN will be keeping the NamesCon crowds pumped up while performing at the conference’s Sunday Night Cocktail Party!

5 of our favorite startups using New Domains at Web Summit

We made the long trek from Denver to Dublin for Web Summit recently and it was a fantastic time that was definitely worth the journey. We learned lesson after lesson in Dublin and saw opportunity after opportunity for not only the tech industry as a whole, but also for New Domains in particular.

On the New Domain front, we saw dozens of startups using New Domains as their primary URL for business websites. This is a stark contrast to the behavior and feelings regarding New Domains that we encountered in the past at similar events. Just a year ago we were hearing skepticism from the startup community regarding New Domains, but we’re now seeing both personal adoption and adoption from up-and-coming businesses.

To highlight some of the great usage of New Domains that we saw at Web Summit, we created a list of some of our favorites (in no particular order):

We went to Web Summit and this is what happened

Web Summit: It’s a place where CEOs, startups, leaders, and innovators come together to network, drink beer, and discuss all things technology.

We headed to Dublin last week for this renowned event and had a blast interacting with attendees from all walks of life. But where there is work, there must be play, and there was certainly plenty of both. While it’s impossible to sum up the entirety of our trip in a single post, there were a few highlights of our Web Summit experience.

We’re heading to Seattle Startup Week next week (come find us!)

We’re sponsoring Seattle Startup Week next week, and are beyond excited to participate in a week of startup glory with our favorite Seattle-area tech friends. You may be wondering why exactly we decided to sponsor Seattle Startup Week when is based in Denver. The short answer: Seattle is awesome! The long answer: We wanted to support this Startup Week because of the amazing talent and ambition that the builders and entrepreneurs of Seattle have. The level of excitement and high caliber of ideas that come out of the Seattle area made supporting Seattle Startup Week an easy choice. As an added bonus, our parent company, Rightside, is based in Kirkland, so this is a simple way for us to spread the word about Rightside while promoting in a fun way.

What we learned about domain names at Pubcon

It’s so nice having someone else tell you about your product. We were at Pubcon in Las Vegas last week and visitors were sharing with us their stories of domain names. Instead of us straining our vocals against the ringing of Sin City, people like Angela St. Julien, who has Brand.Bar, told us these exact words: “Let’s get rid of the hyphens and start moving into the creative side with New TLDs [domain names.]” She even used a geeky term like “TLD.” Our people have arrived.

With recent products like the New Domains, we’re pretty stoked to meet a few exemplary usage cases. But at PubCon they lined up. Adam bought a .ACTOR for a client. Jeremy Chrysler owns Chrysler.NYC. Even former professional wrestling star Ric Flair said he’d love a .ROCKS. People were even suggesting aggregating your social feeds on a .SOCIAL. #Brilliant

We asked 3 mom bloggers for tips on how to be awesome online

If you’ve been keeping up with the Twitter feed, you may have noticed a whole lot of excitement going on at our office at the end of last week. We invited three Denver-based mom bloggers to hang out with us for the day and shoot an upcoming video—and it was a blast!

Emily Vanek, editor in chief of; Sarah Vickers, the founder of; and Daria Drago, the project manager turned blogger behind joined us for a day full of filming, pampering, and chatting about how to find internet success.