The Triple X Video we made at work

And I thought making one of these would be easy. My first concern was getting people to participate, but everyone was eager to be involved.

Then the most difficult issue was choreographing everybody. First, it was finding someone who’d run the camera. We found the capable hands of Senior Dev Guy Owen, and it appeared he was able to do what was necessary. We shot it. Everybody was excited about the great shoot – until we realized the camera hadn’t actually been recording. So we did it again. When I showed our boss he was not thrilled. The audio was atrocious and I couldn’t stop the infernal bouncing going on in the video. So we regrouped and shot it again. But on the final turn we didn’t quite get the guy in the sombrero, so we did it yet again. Now I haven’t counted the total times, as there were about ten other takes and some confusion over who was doing what. But it’s here, our grand scheme to tell you about the new .XXX extension, without really telling you about the .XXX extension. If you’re at all offended that we’d even have the .XXX extension, please remember some of the crazy stuff people have done with .COM. Now they are moving on to their own domain, and you and your business can have some comfort knowing that you’ll never be confused with, well, XXX.

I’d like to thank everyone at for getting this done, especially Owen who came back strong with the backwards-walking cinematography. So thank you everybody, and please, register your .XXX domains!

For more information on what .XXX is, how it works and why you would want one, please see this.

Oh, and see if you can count all the references to XXX.

XXX at work

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