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What’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

You may have noticed during your various online escapades that the ever familiar HTTP in front of a domain name occasionally turns into the less familiar HTTPS. Depending on your browser, this may also be accompanied by a color change in the address bar to green, a lock symbol, or other signs that make the URL field look different from what you’re used to. What does it mean? Does it really make a difference?

5 reasons you need a .LIVE domain for your live streaming channel

Whether you live stream to thousands of viewers each night on Twitch or just use Facebook Live to show grandma and grandpa what you’re making for dinner, live streaming is the latest social media phenomenon, and it’s growing at a rapid rate. Businesses and individuals alike are now asking themselves how live streaming can be used to build their audience, promote engagement, and help them meet personal or business goals.

If you’re a live streamer, it’s time to take control and brand your channel. By forwarding a branded .LIVE domain to your live streaming channel you can take advantage of the following benefits.

How to update your Bitly DNS records (and why you need to do it ASAP)

Bitly recently announced in an email to their user base that they are migrating to a new hosting provider, which means that if you are currently using a branded Bitly domain shortener, you need to update your DNS A records before June 29 to prevent your links from breaking. If you have your branded short domain through, here’s how you can quickly and easily make these changes.

A guide to registering domains for your trademarked brand

Having a trademark is a great way to legally stake a claim on a business, product, service, or phrase, but unfortunately it isn’t a guarantee that everyone will keep away from it forever. Trademark infringements still happens—knowingly or not—so it’s important to keep your defenses up.

MarkMonitor recently released an eBook that helps business owners understand how to protect their trademark through domain registrations. A copy of this guide can be requested here, and you should definitely give it a read when you have some time. But we’ve also created a quick rundown on some of the best ways you can be proactive about protecting your trademark online.