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How to choose the right SSL certificate

Knowing how to choose the right SSL certificate for your website can be daunting if you’re never purchased one before. Which features should you look for? Which provider is best? And why are there such big discrepancies in pricing? We’ve put together a brief guide on how certain SSL certificates are authenticated to help you make an informed choice on which certificate is best for your website.

Choosing the right hosting plan for your eCommerce site

If you’ve come up with a great idea for an online store, or are ready to go pro with your shop on eBay or Etsy, you’re probably spending a lot of time thinking about your eCommerce store and what you want it to be like. You might have already come up with a store name, a color scheme, a couple of snazzy slogans—and that’s great! But you may have overlooked a decision that could make or break your site: choosing a great hosting plan.