Three plugins that will greatly improve your WordPress website


This post is part of an ongoing series about building a WordPress website using’s products and account management features.

When you first create a WordPress website, it’s bare bones. You get a basic theme and the ability to start blogging right away, but not much else. Once you start adding custom themes and installing plugins your site can improve by leaps and bounds. Today I’ll add three simple plugins to the WordPress site.

What’s a plugin?

Plugins are like apps that you can install on your WordPress site to improve its functionality. Some plugins affect the appearance and usability of your site on the user side, while others are great for managing the back end of your site. There are a ton of plugins out there—nearly 26,000—and you can search, download, rate, and comment on plugins at the WordPress plugin directory.

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How to use email marketing to get more website traffic, Part 1

That’s a good-lookin’ email newsletter. Click through to see the full HTML version.

Some good SEO work will drive new visitors to your site, and social media networks are great for sharing your content as soon as it’s live on your website. But often your most valuable visitors are the ones who already know about your site—especially if it’s a business—and you want to keep those people coming back. That’s where email newsletters can be extremely valuable.

Got a new product, promotion, or limited-time discount for your business? Send an email to your subscribers. Just added some great new content? Send an email to your subscribers. Making a major update to your site? Send an … you get the idea.

Choosing an email marketing service

The best advice here is to shop around. Most email marketing services let you create an account for free. You can create emails and even send test campaigns, and won’t have to pay until you actually start sending emails to your subscribers.

All services have their pros and cons. Do some research, create a few free accounts, and see what works best based on the number of emails you want to send, the features offered, and your own technical savvy.

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How I Landed My First Job Out of College Because of a Sticker I got at StartupWeekend


The story of how I ended up at is pretty a unique one that all started because I attended StartupWeekend Denver in October 2012. sponsored the event and left a bunch of stickers lying around for people to take. I took a few stickers and one ended up on the back of my computer.

A few days after StartupWeekend was over, I met with my team in Downtown Denver from StartupWeekend to discuss if we’d continue our idea or not. After we met, I realized that I’d forgotten to finish my math homework due that evening, so I drove over to a new coffee shop that I’d discovered near where StartupWeekend was called Creme to get it done...

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This is Part 4 in a series of posts about building a WordPress website using’s products and account management features. Previously, we purchased a domain nameused RapidPress to create the website, and added a video page with a .TV domain.

The basic framework for is now in place, but the default WordPress template is really boring and really ugly:

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Five questions to help drive successful business strategy


I recently picked up the Winter 2013 issue of Rotman magazine while wandering the Barnes and Noble in Boulder, Colorado. The Rotman magazine is a periodical from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. An article that caught my eye discussed five questions that should asked to serve as the framework for any type of business strategy formation. The authors of the piece are clear that the answers to these questions should be answered in the order presented. The questions may seem very simple at first, but once you sit down and try to answer them, you’ll discover that they may be more challenging to answer than you anticipated.

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How to: Use Vine to Extend Your Brands Social Media Reach


Vine is a social video app that was developed by Twitter and launched in January. The app is effectively a video version of Twitter because it only allows for you to create brief 6-second looping videos. At first it sounds boring, but it gets oddly addictive trying to create a perfect looping clip. Vine seems to be doing well and catching on fast because, just like Twitter, it’s an extremely simple concept that’s very easy to use.

Twitter just announced that Vine has crossed the 13 million, which shows just how fast the medium is growing. Twitter also just released Vine on Android yesterday which means that almost everybody who uses a smartphone has the ability to create a quick 6-second video story.

A new medium always brings marketing challenges to light, which is why we decided to give you a few tips on how to effectively use Vine to promote your brand:

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5 great plugins to add to your WordPress blog

A WordPress blog is a pretty awesome thing on its own, and a getting one set up is incredibly easy thanks to’s RapidPress install.* But what if you want to add a few bells and whistles to your already-awesome blog?

One of the biggest advantages of a hosted WordPress blog–as opposed to setting one up through–is that you can add plug-ins. Plug-ins enhance your blog with all sorts of cool features, from SEO tools to widgets that enhance your photos and social media presence. Here are a few that should come in handy:

*One-click WordPress installation, unlimited hosting, and’s legendary support, all for $30? Yeah, it’s pretty badass.

1. All-In-One SEO pack

All In One SEO Pack

If you’re new to blogging, chances are you’re new to Search Engine Optimization...

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Selling sex isn’t as easy as it looks

We like to give our competition a hard time about selling sex and objectifying women. It’s kind of what they’re known for.

But sometimes we’re willing to climb off our high horse and succumb to the latest marketing trends. We’re willing to sell sex, too. Trouble is, we don’t have Danica Patrick or Bar Rafaeli on our side.

We just have this guy:

The community evangelist in his natural sexy habitat.

The community evangelist and aspiring sex symbol in his natural habitat.

That’s Jared Ewy, our community evangelist. He may not fit into YOUR definition of sexy, but at we believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In Jared’s words, “Sexy is so hot. It’s the flesh, the curves, round things. And nature. I think. Yeah, I think nature is sexy, but I’m not sure how you consummate that…”

I couldn’t have said it better myself...

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How to Easily Import Your Tumblr into a WordPress Blog


Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that makes it easy to post and share content with your friends. Today Yahoo announced that they have acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion in stock and cash. Tumblr users have expressed concern about whether Yahoo can successfully keep the easy-going attitude of the Tumblr community alive. A press release from Yahoo that began with, “We promise not to screw it up.” seems to have just increased skepticism regarding the preservation of the creative vibe of Tumblr when Yahoo takes the reigns.

If you’re one of the many people who don’t want to wait to see how this acquisition plays out and are ready to switch to WordPress, we outline how to easily import your Tumblr to a WordPress blog below. WordPress is a fantastic alternative to Tumblr because it is a blogging service that offers a wider range of customization and features than Tumblr.

How to Get Started:

Before you get started, you’re going to need to setup a WordPress blog. I recommend using our RapidPress tool so that you can get your own domain (, web hosting, and your new WordPress blog up right away.

Once Your WordPress Blog is Installed and Ready to Go:

Now that you have your WordPress blog installed, you need to go to the WordPress admin dashboard ( and click on Tools > Import.


On the import page, you’re going to see a list of importing tools for various blog services. You’re going to want to click on Tumblr and install the Tumblr importer.

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 12.25.54 PM

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RapidPress as an Alternative to Tumblr

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 11.18.05 AM

Now that Yahoo has announced their acquisition of blogging service Tumblr, it may very well be the perfect time for you to jump on the WordPress blogging train. You can easily make the switch by using the RapidPress tool and then importing all of your Tumblr posts over. If you’re unsure of what RapidPress is, it is a one-click WordPress installation tool that includes both a domain and web hosting.

There have been some early signs that a lot of people may be making the switch away from Tumblr. WordPress CEO Matt Mullenweg publically stated that on Sunday night, an unusually high number of people imported there posts from Tumblr to WordPress. This is perhaps an early sign that a fair amount of people are looking to flee Tumblr now that it is part of Yahoo.

Yahoo knows that peopl...

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