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Nike vs. Adidas: The Brand Cup for Futbol Fans


The Nike and Adidas rivalry heats up during the World Cup. Both brands are vying for eyeballs and engagement that they know will help fuel an enormous amount of sales for years to come. The lucrative prize of winning the “Brand Cup” is why Nike and Adidas come to the World Cup with all of their marketing firepower. The companies work on elaborate campaigns for months and years, knowing that the World Cup is one of the biggest marketing opportunities they have. The companies get the top players to talk about them in commercials, on social media, and in television interviews, in addition to sponsoring everything possible that has to do with the event.

How to get traffic to your website: The Web Address, Episode 2

Some people simply know how to get things done. I’m not sure whether you’d call Whitney Trujillo a serial entrepreneur or a biz dev genius or one hip woman who somehow raises two boys (with her husband, Carlos) while harnessing the power of the web to make digital magic, but whatever it is, she garners goodness with great ideas and a ton of hard work. In our second episode of The Web Address, we talk to Trujillo about how she gets so much traffic to her website, The Mother List, and she divulges the secrets to great headlines, tricks of solid SEO, and why you shouldn’t get preachy on the ‘Net. Also, we unveil the latest Meme of the Week and send support legend Erik Kinney into the street to find Denver’s inner Ninjas.

Why SQL is Important for Marketers

This is a guest post from Justin Mares, the co-author of the upcoming Traction Book. He formerly ran growth at Exceptional Cloud Services, before they were acquired by Rackspace in 2013. 

Today’s best marketers and growth hackers are data-driven. They are able to pull data about their marketing campaigns, and use that data to get a clear picture of what’s working (and what’s not).

A key component of being data-driven is the ability to quickly collect data. For pulling data from customer databases, there are few better tools out there than SQL, and none that are more popular.

Be wrong as fast as you can: Failures are the best learning opportunities


Most people don’t want to fail. But, if you fail fast and fail early, you’re going to learn quickly and ultimately be a better innovator. You become more innovative when you aren’t afraid of failure because failing is a direct result of bending the implications of what you thought you knew. Failure comes from taking risk and it changes your understanding of reality. Promo Code for May 2014: It’s a Yummy One!


If there’s one thing everybody loves, it has to be cupcakes. Seriously, can you think of anyone who doesn’t like a cupcake? Besides cupcakes being absolutely delicious, they also possess other incredible features. Here are a handful of cupcake facts:

  1. Cupcakes aren’t mammals.
  2. Cupcakes taste totally awesome ALL of the time.
  3. The purpose of the cupcake is to be yummy and make people smile.

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins


There are a ton of WordPress plugins out there, which makes it hard to pick which ones to use to supercharge your website or blog. We browsed through tons of plugins to help you find the best free WordPress plugins. These plugins do everything from increase your site security to making your site look and function better.

What is two-factor authentication?


Two-factor authentication is a service that keeps your account extra secure by requiring both a standard memorized username and password, as well as an additional time-sensitive code to enter your account. Because usernames and passwords could theoretically be guessed, adding two-factor authentication to the mix adds an unmatched level of security to your accounts. To retrieve your security code or token from your account, you use an app that will display a set of numbers for a brief period of time.

At, our free two-factor authentication, NameSafe, uses Versign VIP Access to issue a temporary account security code. The security code changes every 30 seconds and can only be retrieved from one device.

Here’s a tutorial on how to get started with NameSafe. Again, it’s a totally free service, and it makes it practically impossible for someone to access your account unless they have access to your mobile device.

Building Relationships with Your Customers for Long-Term Success


The Internet is filled with tools that make it easy to turn customers into brand fans and evangelists. Using tools like Facebook and Twitter makes it easy to respond to every customer interaction in a very personalized manner. What’s this mean? Your marketing strategy going forward should focus more on how to turn your brand into a relatable figure, rather than sending out mass messages that solely focus on pushing your products and services.

Besides the customer acquisition benefit of being friends with your customers, you can learn a lot by being in constant contact by chatting with customers all of the time. When you’re having an ongoing conversation with customers, you’re essentially doing non-stop market research that can help you decide what products or features you should be creating. That means you can stop hoping a new product will succeed, because when your customers inadvertently become part of the design and development process, your product decisions address their real world needs.

An article in Harvard Business Review called Rethinking Marketing by Theodore Levitt explains that when you switch to relationship marketing, you need different metrics to gauge your marketing’s effectiveness. Here are some examples of different ways to measure and think about your strategy’s success:

  1. Focus less on product profitability and more on customer profitability. Think about how retailers use loss leaders products—these items may be unprofitable, but that’s because the retailer believes they’re strengthening customer relationships.
  2. Get a solid understanding of your customer lifetime value. This means to stop concentrating so much on short-term earnings and try to evaluate future profits from customers. When you do this, you can make customer retention rate goals and better figure out the value of customers.
  3. Shift your focus from brand equity to customer equity. A big reason to focus on customer value is that it has the advantage of being a great way to understand the value of the business, which means that you can make marketing better reflect your customers’ identities. The value of a brand depends on the customer—without customers, there’s no reason for a brand to exist.

That last part got a bit business school sounding, but the gist of this post is to get you to think about how you can maximize your relationship with your customers. Think about how you can turn your customers into friends. When your customers become friends, they become brand ambassadors and they’ll be willing to tell you what they really want—they become powerful allies to help you have long-term success.

At, we think we’ve been pretty amazing at using Twitter and Facebook to turn our customers into our friends. In fact, our No. 1 referral source isn’t Facebook, Twitter, email campaigns, blog posts, or even Google … it’s friend recommendations.

You can check out how we interact with our customers online: