Cool Office: The San Francisco Office of Lumosity


One of the easiest ways to get inspired to build your business up is to glance at incredibly designed offices. It’s inspiring to see how successful businesses have built up great cultures that encourage employees to go the extra mile to make their products or services thrive. While looking for a cool office to show off, we stumbled across the office of Lumosity, which is located in San Francisco. It’s a seriously awesome company home and seeing their office is something that will energize you to go out there and crush it.

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Net Neutrality: It’s a good thing

We’re proud to join a growing crowd of tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter in supporting and restoring Net Neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality? To us, it’s what we’ve always assumed the Internet to be: a portal to an equal opportunity to be shared, enlightened and even paid. As Reuters reported, a collective of companies have asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to “take the necessary steps to ensure that the Internet remains an open platform for speech and commerce,” and we have a limited window to influence the FCC before they likely vote on new rules on May 15.

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Customer Highlight: Meet Possible



We love talking to customers about the cool stuff that they’re building. We had the chance to meet one of our awesome customers, Possible, in New York City. Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that brings low-cost, high-quality healthcare to the world’s poor.

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We want to spread the word and shed some light on the great products coming to life on domain names, which is why we’ve decided to start a new video series called Extended Family.

The first extended family member we’re highlighting is Brandfolder. Brandfolder is located right in our backyard here in Denver and they’ve built a useful tool for managing brand assets online. With their website, all your marketing assets can live in one spot, or, as they explain, “Brandfolder is your convenient source to visually organize, quickly find, and easily share all your final brand assets.”

The company, which graduated from TechStars’ Boulder 2013 class has crafted a great looking and useful product. We’ll let Brandfolder CEO Brian Parks take it from here:

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Customer Highlight: Meet Jan, the Guy Behind Jan.Photos


We’re really excited to watch how people are beginning to use the New Domains. We’ve been seeing some great creations that are truly a part of Internet history, because they’re embracing the biggest change to the Internet since the Internet was created.

We recently talked to customer (and awesome photographer!) Jan Grewe, who is using the short and memorable domains name to show off his photography work.

We asked Jan a few questions about why he’s using .PHOTOS, why he picked, and his love for new technology.

Why did you pick .PHOTOS?

I picked .PHOTOS (and .PHOTOGRAPHY) as I was hoping to get a nice and short domain, instead of the usual “”. It just so easy to remember...

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Sledding with the Kiwis: Bobsled Adventure Part 3

When we last left off, I was engaged in a bet with .XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. If I get the best bobsled time, he has to promote in the streets to the point of being maced. If he bests me, well then I need to spend a day covered in .XYZ stickers. The rest would be history … except that at we capture everything on video and preserve it forever and ever.

So Daniel had done his slope sliding; now it was up to me to beat his time of 57.8 seconds. That’s one mile, btw, that bobsledders do in a fuselage not unlike a shark carcass.  Here’s the video of how it went down:

We can’t thank our Bobsled sponsors enough. First off, .XYZ is in the hizzy! And by “hizzy” we mean “every website, everywhere.” The new domain .CLUB is also a sponsor...

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Getting to know the New Zealand Bobsled Team, and a bet with .XYZ

This is Part 2 in a series of posts and videos about’s adventures with the New Zealand Bobsled team. Go to Part 1  |  Go to Part 3

As you may have heard, is sponsoring the New Zealand bobsled team, along with fellow sponsors .KIWI, .XYZ, .BUZZ, .NINJA, .CLUB, and .HIV.’s Jared Ewy visited the team in Whistler last week, got to know the team members, and even hopped in the bobsled himself (and held on for dear life).

Yesterday, Jared gave us an overview of the Worst Case Scenarios for bobsledding. Today, he introduces us to the team members, and also makes a friendly wager with .XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. The stakes: If Jared pulls off the fastest time on the one-mile track, Daniel has to sing the praises of with all the enthusiasm he can muster...

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Customer Highlight: Andrew Hyde Launches Inside Travel Guides


At, we’re lucky to have some very cool customers. We’re constantly seeing people build some amazing websites and apps, and we love to pass those things along.

Andrew Hyde recently launched Inside Travel Guides ( The beautifully-designed website offers simple $10 three-day guides that give the inside scoop on the best way to navigate a city. Hyde summarized his site as offering, “Short, simple guides written by travelers like you. Insider knowledge to make the most of short trips.”

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The University of Colorado Invasion at


Everybody who works at already has special sense of camaraderie that is truly unique for a workplace, but the amount of University of Colorado alumni and attendees who work here really adds another level to how well we all get along. We’ve all wandered the stunning CU campus, where we learned how to be successful both socially and professionally.

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Startup Couple: A Tutorial to Tech Fluency

It’s Denver Startup Week and sometimes it’s hard to get past certain things … like language. The jargon of the startup community can be an adventure on its own. To celebrate the parlance of the industry, we contacted doting couple Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor, two people who couldn’t be more associated with the Denver/Boulder tech explosion, and interviewed them. Turns out that they are the perfect pair to disrupt and revolutionize the status quo. Whilst iterating, they drill down in an epic paradigm shift of leverage, and emerge Rock Stars and/or Ninjas of the Startup Community.

It happens to the best of us. One day you’re just a person, the next day you’re an epic maven. It’s all about the pivot.

Who exactly are Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor? They...

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