Twitter, FourSquare VC Says "Be Your Own Bee-Yotch"

There’s some offensive language here, but sometimes (and I’m sorry mom) it can be effective. Fred Wilson, whose mere presence is every startup company’s fantasy, offers his advice on whether to use Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

You know the Smash Summit has good content when the lighting is awful, the sound even worse, and people are still riveted by the speakers. (Not to call you out Microsoft, but this was your building and your Internet didn’t even work. I was kind of hoping for a giant paperclip to come and help me.)
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Beer Friday: Brews for Airport Blues

New York and the Smash Summit 2011 were great. The .CO people nearly killed me with kindness and alcohol and some kind of unearthly endurance for round-the-clock socializing, but after our airport adventure, we were just happy to be there.

This video is an admission to a major fail we’ve yet to report to our boss(es).

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Smash Summit 2011 Schwag Caption Contest – WE HAVE A WINNER!

Blog commentator NicStein wins the Smash Summit 2011 Schwag/Swag Caption Contest with: “An Argument with Holes In It.Nic and his family will enjoy a plethora of Schwag/Swag purveyed by the finest startup companies in the world! Good job NicStein!

We are at the Smash Summit in New York City to pick the brains of industry leaders. We want to find exactly how we can retire sooner and/or spend the rest of our lives in casual Smash Summit 2011Mark Zuckerberg hoodies. We’ll be interviewing the greatest minds in the business, schmoozing marketing moguls and, most importantly, gathering great convention schwag. AND WE’LL BRING IT BACK TO YOU! All you need to do is win the 2011 Smash Summit Schwag Caption Contest.


smash summit with 500 startups and a bagel

An Argument with Holes In It.

Credit to Adam Black of Keywifi for his creative leaders...
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Final Day of HostingCon 2011 in San Diego

You’ll note that everyone’s just a wee bit tired.

Final Day of HostingCon 2011 in San Diego from on Vimeo.

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Clearing up the Cloud at HostingCon 2011

HostingCon 2011 Day 2: The Cloud from on Vimeo.

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San Diego HostingCon 2011: Schwagtastic

The hard part is going to a booth and trying to act like you’re interested in more than a pen and a water bottle.

San Diego HostingCon 2011: Schwagtastic from on Vimeo.

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Day One at HostingCon 2011 with Name's Subliminal Spokesperson

HostingCon 2011 Day 1 with Subliminal Spokesperson from on Vimeo.

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Back From HostingCon!

Well, technically we’ve been back for a week, but I think we’ve now sufficiently recovered from all the fun that we had in Austin. Between the full days at the conference and the full nights of networking we learned a lot and made a lot of great connections. In fact, the only thing we didn’t get “a lot” of was sleep. 😉

With over 150 exhibitors, the exhibit hall was very impressive, and a testament to how much this event has grown in recent years. From beating down high prices in the boxing ring to Rock Band to booth babes, there was a little something for everyone. Of course, the real fun is just being surrounded by so much innovation and seeing the future of the hosting industry...

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HostingCon Here We Come!

We’re only a few days away from HostingCon 2010 and we sure are excited! Maybe not about the July heat in Austin (hey, we’re from Colorado!), but the conference looks like it’s going to be a great time. The speaker list is awesome and the sessions cover such a wide range of topics that there’s a little something for everyone in the industry.

A few things we’re looking forward to:

  • Hanging out with our industry friends
  • The Exhibit Hall
  • Darryl Brown on the Evolution of Hosting – Where We Are Going
  • John Curran and Owen DeLong on Preparing for IPv6 Deployment
  • Trey Gardner and Michele Martin on Transitioning Toward Green Hosting
  • Caleb Sima on Conquering Web-based Malware
  • The parties!…err, networking events 😉

If you’re going to HostingCon and you want to meet up with someone from the Name...

Read More Sponsoring WordCamp Boulder!

We love participating in the local tech scene, and we’re excited to announce that we will be a sponsor at this year’s WordCamp Boulder! This year the conference is moving from Denver to Boulder and into the historic Boulder Theater. The speaker list and schedule are already up and it’s looking like it’s going to be a great day for WordPress fans!

We’re really looking forward to the event and a couple of our team members will be attending and joining in on the fun. If you run into us, we’ll have some goodies on hand to give out. Cheers and happy blogging!

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