Vegas Rules and Going Mobile: More Takeaways from SXSW 2013

Welcome to my dream

Welcome to my dream

Another year, another transformation for the city of Austin and the hungry creatives that attend SXSW 2013.  The buzz surrounding the parties, the comedy, the surprise guests during music sets, will be its legacy.  Of course we’ll use Vegas rules.  What happened on 6th street remains… Did you skip the event this year? Allow me to summarize the experience.

Robot Comedienne

Robot Comedienne

If your only involvements during SXSW are within the blocks of sponsored events, then you’re truly missing out on the flavor of Austin. Austin has a lot to offer, from the quintessential neighborhoods that spring southwestern culture to the pride of Texan sports, The University of Texas. Take a tour of the surroundings and you’ll discover that you need a minimum of 3 weeks to enjoy it all...

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SXSW 2013: I don’t want to hear any more about SXSW 2013

That’s not true, really. It actually is an amazing time with (often free) alcohol nearly sweating from the walls of every bar–and I think Austin has more bars than houses. Actually, some of the houses are bars. But the whole “SXSW” hashtag and buzz can get a little old. Or at least I felt like I was beginning to burden humankind with one too many Tweets. You know when you get that feeling that you’ve just overstepped? Like even your friends are about to unfollow? Well, I’m sxsw singssorry, but #SXSW has bands and promotions and startups throwing crazy parties. And it’s all huge and nuts and impossible not to talk about.

But the core of the event seems very much a simple notion of basic human contact. It’s people reaching out in all directions to learn and live a little...

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All Things SXSW: Green Energy for a Green Technology

It’s the Internet’s dirty secret: to keep us up and running we have to burn a lot of fuel, and that has not been good for the environment. Bala Kamallakharan, the CEO of Green Cloud, says it doesn’t have to be this way.

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All Things SXSW: Day 3: We Talk to Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO

Sometimes it is not enough to simply speak to a CEO. Sometimes you have to sing to them.

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All Things SXSW Day 2: Grumpy Cat Takes over Austin

We’ve seen a lot of interesting things down here in Texas, but none more so than Grumpy Cat. Let the Cat’s Meow of Memes rock your world…

See the Insider’s Guide to Austin for SXSW as well as another Meme Legend, Scumbag Steve.

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All things SXSW Day 1 Cont’d: Scumbag Steve Raps (LYRICS!!)

His mother took a picture as he walked out for yet another night of living the high life. Now he’s even more of a superstar.

We’re gathering all the culture and excitement we can at SXSW…

Here’s our official Insider’s tour.

Here’s another very interesting part of day 1.

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All things SXSW DAY 1: Grumpy Cat, Marketing Pros and Orgasmic Meditation

AND WE’RE BACK! There’s so much more. We have a lot of editing to do. Grumpy Cat. Scumbag Steve. Tech Gurus. Marketing help. But we’ll begin again with Nicole Daedone. She’s good for morale.

please hold

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All Things SXSW 2013: The Insider’s Guide to Austin

Sean “Baxter” Baxter and Jared “Put that free food in me” Ewy are representing at Austin’s massive music, film and tech festival, #SXSW. They’ll be posting video every day they’re in the “Boulder of Texas.” [See their tips and tricks for SXSW] And I have no idea why I’m writing this in the third person. I am Jared and I am powered by free appetizers, candy and beer and I just spoke to a woman about how orgasms are going to change the world. That video is to come, but first, take the insider’s guide to Austin. You’ll be the coolest SXSW attendee in town, and if you want to avoid the ruckus, then kick back at home and enjoy the virtual ride through one of the hippest cities on the planet.

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Tips, Tricks and otherwise Sanity Saving Advice for SXSW 2013

We’re happy to announce that will be at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. It’s a big event. It’s so big that if you’re not prepared your trip could explode into an all-out cluster where you end up like Waldo in one of those crowded pictures but drunk and wondering where your shoes are. We’re certain that at some point during the festival you will have earned some shoeless inebriation, but first experience and wisdom of veteran #SXSW attendees who have shared Tips, Tricks and Otherwise Sanity Saving Advice!

Oh, and because it’s such an awesome time with so many beautiful people, we might have gone to extremes.

You don’t have to do that last part. That was Hell. Really, you ladies do that to your…really?

Here’s an extended list of #SXSW advice, tips and tricks...

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A computer science guy speaks, dances: Lessons from HostingCon 2012

By Dave McBreen,’s Director of Core Development

Before attending HostingCon, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  I assumed take-aways would primarily come out of the presentations.  I didn’t expect networking to be very much fun, let alone informative.  And I saw little chance of ending up on a dance floor.

Tebow Miracle

Dave as pictured in our “Tebow Beeracle” video.

I mostly attended the technical talks.  Although these weren’t quite as technical as I would have liked, I got something out of each one.  Sometimes I would just catch something mentioned in passing or listed on a random slide that would spark an idea or point to a resource that I didn’t know existed.

Computer science majors aren’t generally the most social bunch...

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