Conversion Optimization

5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing to Drive Sales and Traffic


At, we’ve found that content marketing is a wildly successful way to drive traffic and increase website conversions. Content marketing can grow your business, too, but only if you’re creating quality content that’s easy to share. Even if you’re already creating quality content, it’s very likely that there are steps you can take to optimize your content marketing strategy to rank higher in search engines, get more social media referrals, and truly get the most out of the time and talent invested in content.

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What is bounce rate?


There are a lot of marketing terms thrown around online, and it can be easy to get tripped up in the meaning of some. If you’ve ever wondered, “what is bounce rate?” we’ve created a simple definition that’ll help you understand what exactly bounce rate is.

Bounce rate is the percentage of people who end up on one of your website pages and then leave without clicking on any page elements or going to another page on your site.

Bounce rate is important because a high bounce rate means that your site is likely converting low since people aren’t staying on your site long enough to convert on a landing page or read your content.

Having a high bounce rate usually means that there are a handful of problems with your site, including: slow page loading times, bad mobile viewing experie...

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10 Creative Landing Pages

Startups spend a lot of time working on their landing pages. This is for good reason, because the landing page is the first time a potential user meets your company and your product. If they like what they see, they’re more likely to sign up for the service or purchase the product. A good landing page gets users interested in a product or service and converts visitors into users. We decided to look at 10 creative landing pages. This list is no particular order, it’s just a random sampling of pages we think are fantastic.

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Establishing Trust and Confidence- More On Conversion Optimization

Four Conversion Optimization posts down, two to go! Today I’m going to be talking about establishing trust and confidence in your potential customers. Have you ever landed on a website with terrible, flashy design work that hurts your eyes? How about a site without SSL? Inputting your credit card number into sites that seem immature doesn’t make consumers feel good. Personally, I bounce off a site right away if I get the impression that the transaction will be insecure or complicated.

The bottom line- people don’t want to give you payment information unless they trust your website. Building trust is done in four steps. The first step is awareness. People cannot trust you if they don’t know you exist. Awareness can be ramped up with online marketing and SEO efforts...

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User Personas- Knowing Your Customers Can Really Increase Conversion

The time has come for another Conversion Optimization post! In today’s edition of Conversion Optimization Blog Posts I’m going to discuss User Personas. You can find the other Conversion posts here.

Having a website allows you to reach people all over the world at any hour of the day. However, not having a face-to-face relationship with your customers can be difficult and companies can often lose sight of who their customers actually are. Enter user personas! User personas are model individuals that are created based on marketing data of the people who use your website. They’re the marketing team’s attempt at relating to customers as individuals and humans.

In case you’re not following along, they’re made up people that companies use for planning purposes...

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Conversion Optimization- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You’ve waited for it and here it is! This is the second blog post in our Conversion

Numbers are fun!

Optimization series. Today we’ll be discussing conversion metrics, the numbers that measure a website’s effectiveness. Obtaining a higher conversion rate is the ultimate goal, but looking solely at your conversion rates doesn’t paint the whole picture. If you missed the first conversion optimization blog you can check it out here.

Bounce Rates represent the percentage of visitors who leave your site from the page they land on without navigating to another page. Alternately, Exit Rates are a lot like bounce rates, except they capture the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting more than one page...

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An Introduction to Conversion Rates

It’s time to analyze a buzzword that seems to pop up all over the Internet these days. Conversion. What is conversion and why does it matter? Simply put, an online conversion occurs when a website visitor does what you want them to. Conversions can take many forms depending on what type of website you’re running. Whether it is a monetary transaction, inputting an email address, utilizing a free service, or clicking through to another site. No matter what type of business you’re running, if you’re doing it online your conversion rate matters. Period.

How do you calculate a conversion rate? First you have to define what a conversion is for your website. Here at a conversion occurs when a user purchases a domain or a product from our website...

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