3 ways to highlight your brand with a custom domain

If you own or even work for a small to medium-sized business, you know how difficult it can be to distinguish yourself online. Promoting your products and services via the web is tricky when you only have a matter of moments to capture visitors’ attention before they navigate away from your site. One way to reflect your brand’s personality is by using a New Domain in your URL.

How do multiple domains affect search engine ranking?

How many domain names do you need for an online business? One? Three? Twelve?

We asked exactly that question in a recent survey conducted on According to the results, 41.3% of survey takers believe that businesses need 2 to 4 domain names.

Survey results screenshot

Why the need for multiple URLs? Maybe you want to protect your brand by registering your name on multiple top-level domains. Or perhaps you want a unique domain name that points to the area of your website that will be most useful to certain visitors.

But here’s the real question: How will having multiple domain names affect your search engine rankings?

.NEWS domains are now available for immediate registration

It’s the .NEWS release day. You can start registering .NEWS domains right now with Early Access Program pricing. The price will come down each day between now and Wednesday, July 15, when we reach the standard price point. This is the registry’s way of letting the market determine the price point for high-value .NEWS domains. You can still place .NEWS Preorders, including Preorders for EAP price points, so head to the .NEWS search page and find your domain.