This 80s video will get you pumped up for .DANCE


The New Domain .DANCE is finally in general availability (GA)! That means that anyone who wants a .DANCE domain name can now get a .DANCE domain name. If you need a great website for your dance studio, or you’re a choreographer, or you’re anyone with rhythm and/or talent who needs some help getting your name out there, then find the .DANCE that is right for your business.

Also, in honor of this momentous occasion, we decided it would be a great idea to get you as pumped up about about this New Domain as we are.

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Choose your own cupcake adventure: A journey with the New Domains

Does the world even know they have a choice? Do they know about the internet freedom granted by the New Domains? You walk up to people on the street and they think we must be confusing .NINJA with .INFO. But it can happen—you can get the domain name you want. You don’t have to settle for numbers or hyphens or awkward spellings of common words. YOU CAN GET THE DOMAIN NAME YOU WANT!

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Early Access Program from Week of April 23, 2014


Another week of the Early Access Program to New Domains from is here. That means you can purchase the domains you’ve been eyeing and start using them immediately—even before before the general availability date!

The New Domains available in the Early Access Program this week are .agency, .bargains, .boutique, .cheap, .zone.

You can search for your name below:

Happy Early Access Program domaining!

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The World Needs You to Get Your .DANCE On


“If you can teach people to dance, it behooves you to save people from those who can’t.” -Pretty Much Anyone Who’s Ever Been on a Dance Floor

Talented people, it’s time to share your skills. Yes, you might have a website for your dance academy or instructor studio, but we think they’re getting lost in the shuffle … or two step or the WWW (Wild Web-based Whirl) of the Internet.

It’s time to stand out because people need you. Not just those who can’t dance and are still out there and dangerous to others whenever the Ramones come on, but for those girlfriends, wives, first dates, and prom crushes who have been left to hunker down and hope their partner doesn’t Disco Sprinkle during a waltz. How many times will the drunken Mony Mony have to suffice as the one time you can get your rhythm impaired partner on the dance floor?

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Think of the angels. Get a .TV domain name.

We’ve talked about the awesomeness of .TV domains on many, many occasions, and for good reason. .TV is short, has great availability, and lets your site visitors know that they’re going to get some awesome video content. You can register a new .TV for $10.99—the same price as a .COM—and immediately create a new destination for multimedia content.

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The New Domain for Business Leaders, .CEO, is Here


The New Domain for business leaders is here. It’s .CEO and it’s more than just a domain name, but also a trustworthy address that gives you access to a powerful online business community.

.CEO communicates both power and status, while instantly creating a recognizable and authoritative web address.

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What do Nic Cage and Miley Cyrus have in common? This Q and A with Radix’s business head Sandeep Ramchandani



As New Domains continue to enter the digital landscape, maybe you’ve felt overwhelmed by all the options. With so many different TLD categories, from geographic to business to off-beat New Domains, what do you do when you feel like you just don’t fit in?

Sandeep Ramchandani, business head at Radix (a New Domain portfolio registry operating 28 New Domains), took some time to talk to us about the upcoming launch of .WEBSITE, a New Domain meant specifically for those who want the advantage of owning a more targeted and relevant domain name without having to commit to a specific market definition.

He also talked to us about Nic Cage’s acting prowess, why it’s so awesome to be based in both Mumbai and Dubai, and the Miley Cyrus marketing edge. (You’ll want to see that.)  

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.SCOT is leading the way for cultural New Domains


Last week Dot Scot Registry reached a deal ensuring the release of .SCOT in the summer of 2014, a year earlier than previously expected. .SCOT has been getting a lot of attention since the announcement and it’s easy to see why: This New Domain perfectly illustrates the amazing capacity of cultural domains to create a Web identity for diasporas, cultures, and countries that didn’t have their own webspace before.

.SCOT has also had a lot of public support from within the Scottish community during the entire application process, including from First Minister Alex Salmond. So why is the land of haggis, Robert Burns, Scotch, golf and most importantly, Sir Sean Connery (who has been at the head of the decade-long campaign for .SCOT), so excited for this New Domain?  

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New Domains are approaching General Availability. Here’s one way to get ‘em first.

The first batch of New Domains launched a few months ago, and more have been released each week. Now they’re nearing the General Availability phase. You can place a Preorder for New Domains that have been released, and that’ll give you a pretty good chance of getting the domain you want the moment it’s available to the general public. But for certain New Domains, there’s an option that will allow you to secure your domain before Preorders are processed. It’s called the Early Access Program.

What’s the Early Access Program?

The Early Access Program (EAP) applies to all New Domains operated by the Donuts registry. These domains have tiered pricing for the seven days leading up to General Availability. The closer the extension gets to General Availability, the lower the price. It’s basically a way to let the market determine the price for the most coveted domains. Check out the table below to see the pricing schedule. You can click here to see which domains are currently available via EAP.


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How to get the latest information on New Domains

new-watcher-screenshotNew Domains are finally here, and literally hundreds more will be released over the next year. It’s an exciting time for the internet, because the New Domains present incredible new opportunities for registering unique, memorable domain names.

But it can also be a little confusing. With so many new extensions coming available, and so many different registries involved, the release dates and launch phases can vary greatly from domain to domain. That’s why we created the New Domains Watcher, and we recently gave it an overhaul to make it better than ever.

How does it work?

It’s simple: You use the New Domains Watcher to choose the extensions (e.g., .ninja or .app) and specific domain names (e.g., or that interest you. When they become available, you’ll receive a notification via email. We also send occasional roundups of New Domain news that supplement individual notifications.

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