Go-Karts and barbecue and ice cream and beer? Thanks, Radix!

Top row, from left: Jon Liu, Kristen Pierson, Ethan Conley, Shannon Brown, Nic Steinbach, John Rupp, Kyle Robbins, and Jared Ewy. Bottom row, from left: Caroline Temple, Ashley Forker, and Alex Kehr.

Top row, from left: Jon Liu, Kristen Pierson, Ethan Conley, Shannon Brown, Nic Steinbach, John Rupp, Kyle Robbins, and Jared Ewy. Bottom row, from left: Caroline Temple, Ashley Forker, and Alex Kehr.

A few weeks back Radix announced that was the winner of its “Polaroid a New TLD” contest. Our prize was a company outing on Radix’s behalf. We decided to spend an evening racing Go-Karts at Unser Racing in Denver, and it was awesome.

Unser Racing is no run-of-the-mill, take-a-few-leisurely-laps-around-the-track Go-Karting establishment. When you arrive at Unser Racing, you first go through a 10-minute safety training, and then you get outfitted for your race—helmet, head sock, racing suit, gloves, shoes, the works.

After getting into our racing gear, we headed to the track...

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The Office Cruiser Bike


In honor of the New TLD .BIKE, we thought we’d show off another one of the office bikes at We have a wide selection of green bikes around the office for employees to use to cruise around Denver (in style!). The bike you see before you is a 3-speed Republic Bike Plato Dutch Diamond. It’s a plush and soft ride that allows the rider to gracefully wander the streets while having an indescribable amount of fun.

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A few months ago Radix held a cool contest involving Polaroid cameras and New TLDs. The contest rules were pretty simple: Registrars were to choose a favorite TLD among Radix’s 29 New TLD applications, and then use a Polaroid camera to take a photo that communicates that New TLD.

After some brainstorming, decided to go with .PING. Our idea was to show a bunch of “-ping” verbs in action, all in one shot. So (from left to right) Caroline Temple is JUMP.ING, Ashley Forker is SIP.PING, Kyle Robbins is BARHOP.PING, Nick Salvadore is PIM.PING, Shannon Brown is SWEE.PING, Nic Steinbach is DOGNAP.PING, and Jon Liu is SLAP.PING. Ethan Conley is on the ground CAM.PING (though it looks more like NAP.PING), and Alex Kehr is in the background, CHOP.PING.

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When the going gets tough, the tough watch kitten GIFs

Sometimes work is hard. We usually have a pretty fun time at even when we’re working, but inevitably there are some busy days.

Ashley Forker,’s marketing manager, had some busy days last week. So on Friday, UI Engineer and homecoming king Jon Liu took it upon himself to keep Ashley in good spirits by sending her animated GIFs of dogs, kittens, and other creatures that make you say “awwwwwwwwwe.” And he did it all day long.

Usually there’d be a few words of encouragement, followed by the GIF. For example:

Jon:  you guys are really doing good business work in there… keep it up
Sent at 11:01 AM on Friday

Jon:  Stay cool forker –

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Startup Couple: A Tutorial to Tech Fluency

It’s Denver Startup Week and sometimes it’s hard to get past certain things … like language. The jargon of the startup community can be an adventure on its own. To celebrate the parlance of the industry, we contacted doting couple Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor, two people who couldn’t be more associated with the Denver/Boulder tech explosion, and interviewed them. Turns out that they are the perfect pair to disrupt and revolutionize the status quo. Whilst iterating, they drill down in an epic paradigm shift of leverage, and emerge Rock Stars and/or Ninjas of the Startup Community.

It happens to the best of us. One day you’re just a person, the next day you’re an epic maven. It’s all about the pivot.

Who exactly are Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor? They recently co-authored Startup Life: Survi...

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A master class in office trolling

Left: Pat's mug. Right: Pat's ... mug.

Left: Pat’s mug. Right: Pat’s mug. software engineer Pat Ramsey has a coffee mug featuring a clever joke about CSS. He uses it every day. It’s as synonymous with Pat as his ‘fro.

Well, Pat must have made some sort of grievous error Friday. He let his precious mug out of his sight. Someone washed it, and placed it on the shelf with the other coffee mugs in the kitchen. It must have sat there over Labor Day weekend. And come Tuesday morning, someone else got his hands on that mug.


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Win Stickers AND a free .COM Domain Name!


It’s Thursday! That doesn’t really mean anything special… except for the fact that we’ve deciding to have a caption contest to give away some stickers because we just got a brand spankin’ new order of stickers!! Woohoo!!!!! We know, you’re way too happy about these stickers! But we’re going to up the ante! If you win this contest, you’re also going to get a FREE .com domain name. Dannnnng what a sweet deal! Now that you’re super stoked, we should probably tell you how you can win the sticker and free .com contest.

Here’s how to enter:

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An intimate and revealing interview with spokesperson Vic Dixon

vic dixon 2 spokesman Vic Dixon is a true man of mystery. How is a man so confounded by technology capable of being the face of a tech company? How does a man so bereft of tact manage to avoid career-ending harassment claims? And where did he get that jacket? I sat down with Vic in hopes of finding the answers to these questions.

Ethan Conley: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Vic.

Vic Dixon: There’s a chill in here. I grew up in a tiny island nation off the coast of FloriBama, so I’m only warm if we’re next to a swamp or cuddled up with a couple wives.

EC: …right. Well Vic, I’m just going to start with a very general question. What’s your story?  Tell me about yourself.

Vic’s parents prospered in the nutria business.

VD: Well my parents were refugees of the Great Slovenian War [I am no history expert, but I pretty sure there was no such thing—Editor]. They did some sailing, made a raft out of some old tires and prayer, got over here to the good ‘ol US-of-A and were immediately just sucked into the the nutria business. Are you familiar with nutria? Well, it’s a large rat. So they found some way to make hats and soup out of this here deal. [Vic rambles for a few minutes about catching rats—Editor]

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12 GIFs to Help You Express Your Excitement After Buying a Domain

If you just purchased your first domain, or even your hundredth domain, you’re probably way too excited by the thrill of the checkout click. You just bought your own little fertile plot of Internet magic! All of us at are way too excited to think about how you’re going to be building something absolutely awesome on your new domain name. However, we understand that it’s sometimes hard to summarize joy in words, so we decided to help you express your happiness. The GIFs in this post, especially the first one, show our joy that you’re now part of the family. They’re also a great way to help you release your excitement about your new name!

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9 Incredible Dog Costumes

A lot of spunky and funky new TLDs are on the way. One that recently caught our attention is .dog. It’s a unique name and made us all dream about what kind of fun dog related websites we could make. While on the hunt for dog website inspiration, we stumbled across a majestic thing: dogs in costumes.

This lead us on an epic quest to find the best dog costumes on the Internet.

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