Carrie Reichert, Prince Harry, Andy Roddick, Taylor Swift, Devin Smith…This is trenD

I don’t show up to the office for one day out of 365 (is this a Leap Year?) and look what happens: Someone talented does my job.

Sean takes on trenD. He’s the guy who shoots and edits it anyway, so he’s been dying to do the things he can only try and direct me to do. For one, enunciate and, another, incorporate more pretty people. With Carrie Reichert, I think he’s succeeded. Carrie is one of the women who misplaced her clothes with Prince Harry. She reveals more about the royalty (if that’s possible) and inspires greatness in all of us. From there, Sean goes to higher ground (the only place you can go from drunken nudity in Las Vegas) and launches into Roddick’s retirement, Taylor Swift’s new single and what LeBron James is calling the “catch of the year.”

Rated B for Bikini

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Eastwooding, American Idol, Mitt Romney, Honey Boo Boo on trenD

Props to Clint Eastwood for being the most entertaining part of a three-day multimedia extravaganza. He ambled out on the RNC stage and tore up the crowd with his Bob Newhart-like skit of talking to an invisible Obama. However, in doing that, he unwittingly created a new trend. There was planking, Tebowing and now Eastwooding, which is venting your frustrations on an empty chair. Luckily for us–and very exciting indeed–President Obama shows up in this episode of trenD. He relaxes in his chair and watches the trends go down…like Honey Boo Boo beating Mitt Romney in the ratings, Randy Jackson leaving American Idol, and just some of the domain names that relate to the hottest news.

Rated DB for a minor insult to those Bluetooth users who just don’t get that it’s not as cool as they think.

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Office Reality Show Episode 3: The Move

Will a “flat” or “collaborative” office environment work? We’re going to give it a try here at, but the initial few days have seen a few hitches. For example, Web Development has always enjoyed their own side of the office, while Customer Support, Marketing and Operations have been sequestered to the other. To explain what this really means, you have to understand that Dev has this fun-loving and sometimes loud personality that can grate on Support. Those in Support are often nailed to the phone trying to engage someone ten time zones away. So having the two in the same room, with Operations and Marketing kind of the emotional middle child, could be interesting. Or a complete fail. Here, we begin to tell the story of (as marketing has coined it) “Operation Slide.”

Rated A for a bit of Acrimony.

Elvis Presley, Vanessa Bryant, Mayim Bialik, Melky Cabrera & Rich Kids. This is trenD.

It’s easy to hate rich kids, but much easier to want to be them. You can do both with this blog that’s taking off (and seems poised to spawn another reality show).  What else is happening? Well, somehow Kobe Bryant is still married and, of equal incredulity, the San Francisco Giants have somehow let another juicer slip by their radar. I’m not saying Melky Cabrera’s rise to athletic success was suspicious, because he could get really mad and kill me. And there’s much more…including Elvis Presley and another living legend, Mayim Bialik. (If you’re having trouble placing her, she was Blossom in the 90s show “Blossom” and has been appearing on The Big Bang theory.)

Rated BC for free Birth Control. 

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Jennifer Aniston, Shark Week and Miley Cyrus: TrenD Marries Domains and Trends

If it weren’t for the sharks this week would be pretty light fare. Yes, it’s great that Jennifer Aniston has found love, and it seems like this Justin Theroux guy is the real deal (writer, actor, break dancer), but when you take a look at what’s really going on in the world, the trends would starve anyone looking for substance. So what do we do? Add meat! And it’s not shark fin (you poaching weasels), but the comments and criticism that make something as one dimensional as Miley Cyrus cutting her hair actually matter. The even bigger benefit? We find available domains that match the news, because no matter what you think about Jennifer Aniston, she’s hot, and can drive traffic to more important things.

Rated PG for mention of crabs, large men in muumuus and drugs.

The Reality Show: Beer Run. Season 1, Episode 1.

This is The Dot: IT Happens, our little show about the office.

It all began with some tension. No one could agree on how to undertake a massive overhaul of, so tempers flared and morale plummeted. The best we could do is get it on camera. That was the birth of this reality show trailer, part real and part tongue in cheek, but very necessary for people to vent. Here’s the trailer that helped get us through some tough times (or at least distract some of us from the real work.)

After a week or so of treachery around the office, things calmed down and, as per usual, drama was kind of hard to find around the group hug known as Oh, drama will come around again, and when it does, we’ll grab it. But for now, enjoy a lighthearted departure from our initial inspiration (mutiny) and go in a completely different direction: a ride to the beer store.

Episode 1: Beer Run

Every Monday expect another episode of The Dot: IT Happens, from

Our Blog Beloved by Spammers

We recently changed our WordPress blog location from to In doing so we invited more spam than a fallout shelter. What I like about the recent trend in unwanted comments, is that these spammers are much more complimentary than in days past. After years of mocking my manhood and doubting my ability to pay the mortgage, these guys have a lot of nice things to say. For example, a person apparently peddling headphones who goes by “Dr. Dre Monster Beats” hoped for a comment to be approved on registers multiple domains defensively that says:

“I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my trouble. You are amazing!”

How can you not be flattered by that? Sure, it’s a little like thinking a stripper has fallen in love with you, but it’s just nice to hear. Like “GoodPriceCialis” who posted this still unapproved comment on one of our anti-SOPA pieces:

“This is the blog for anyone who wants to act out out almost this content. You notice so overmuch its nearly exhausting to debate with you (not that I real would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new rotate on a matter thats been transcribed near for years. Good bunk, just great!”

We have “good bunk” people! Are we going to let that kind of Internet gold go to waste? No way. So we’ve used some our other favorite spam comments to share just how great this blog is. Or at least what the spammers tell us.

As you bloggers know, any comment is a good comment. So don’t be shy, because we feel your blog is a most interesting blog that we’re most interested in and are so happy to find you’re interesting blog about things we’re so interested in! Bro and Doe Code

I’m writing this in response to the Dev Bro Code post. Here at we developers DO adhere to a rather strict code of Broism and I have nothing but the utmost respect for it. However there are a few does up in the haus and we have a few Doe Codes that should be taken into consideration. Does believe in the Bro Code, Burt Reynolds, Neil Diamond, unicorns, mustaches, tacos, anything awesomely 80’s and:

1) Be excellent to each other and party on dudes:

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted in front of their totally believable phone booth time machine.

Bill and Ted really had this one right.  As silly as the movie premise is, there is a golden nugget of philosophy to be uncovered. Gandhi said “We must be the change we want to see in the world.” This sounds cliche because it’s tossed around so blithely but the Bro Code definitely is the change we want to see in the world. We are excellent to each other, we ensure no bro or doe is left behind in the beer or taco line, and we laugh, cry, and sometimes want to murder each other. Wait no, not the last one. We treat each other with respect and we treat our customers with respect. That’s pretty excellent. Oh and party on dudes!

2) When in doubt, hug it out: this is a beautiful Bro Code and it brings a tear to my eye when I see bros hugging it out. However, this is what bros look like when they are hugging and it doesn’t inspire tears of joy:

The Man Hug

The Oatmeal nailed The Man Hug in his 6 Types of Crappy Hugs

There is nothing more awkward to witness than this colossal failure of an otherwise genuine bro hug. Instead, to help mitigate some of the awkwardness, please feel free to engage in a group hug or ask a dev doe for a hug. Does can be remarkably adept at hugging and you’ll look socially acceptable and attractive to the ladies if you are seen hugging one.

3) An offensive aroma-free environment: this is certainly appreciated by the Bros and the Does alike; office farters are the worst because they are never the funny farts. They are the ones that silently creep up on you, slowly invading your olfactory senses until you have to walk away from the offender, grumbling under your breath, and passively aggressively posting about it on Facebook because you don’t want to embarrass them. Fortunately bros and does adhere to this code rather strictly, but I will admit that the temptation to hide a fart machine under Owen’s desk is almost too much.

Office farters are the worst

“Everybody like their own blend” ~ Fat Bastard

4) A doe may also cry: when a bro encounters a doe who is crying, he should not assume the deer-in-the-headlights stance. Terrible pun aside; engage the doe in eye contact and offer to push the update to the next sprint. Reassure the doe that it’s not life or death if the update doesn’t go out. If that doesn’t stop the doe from crying, slowly reach out and touch her shoulder and offer to help in any way possible. As a UI Dev Doe, I find crying when I encounter puzzling JavaScript errors to be an effective method for solving the problem since the bro has now offered to fix it.

5) You can never have enough sparkle or Tom Jones… or both: sparkle makes the world a better place. Even the bros at were squealing with delight after a little sparkle was added to | up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a | up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

Sparkle can be proverbial too, like when I went to review the latest KPI report, brimming with mind-numbing excitement at the prospect of reviewing lots of information, I encountered this wondrous image of Chunk riding Falcor.

Chunk riding Falcor | Shannon knows sparkle

Chunk riding Falcor | Shannon knows sparkle

That’s sparkle at it’s finest and Dev Bros and Does insert their wits, humor and the joy of elegant code into‘s amazing web applications, as well as some awesome ASCII art peppered in.

That’s it for the Doe Codes. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Doe Codes and feel free to send any you think should be added.

Tom Jones + Sparkle = World a better place

Tom Jones + Sparkle = World a better place