Free Speech and DDOS Attacks received a DDOS attack Thursday morning that took down our homepage and much of our site.  Several news agencies have since inquired as to what exactly happened and at least one article has been written about this event: Cyber attack cripples U.S. website covering Bo Xilai scandal.  To answer those questions we put together a statement for the press and are posting on our blog to give our customers…. the rest of the story:

In the early morning of Thursday, April 19th, we received a demand letter via email instructing us to disable the domain or we would suffer a DDoS attack as a result...

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Building A Company Vision From The Inside Out

(This is the first in the series inspired by a meeting where our CEO admitted while we’ve worked our tails off, we’ve been as non-corporate as a company can be, and need to step it up and set goals and all that corporate stuff. We’re still cool. Actually, that’s the point, how do we remain cool while stepping out of our flip-flops and donning the proverbial suit?)

Introduction: Puberty!

We think we’re a pretty open and transparent company. After all, we do invite you inside to tour our offices, give us feedback on upcoming redesigns, and if god forbid something happens and a server goes down, we’re on the front lines of Facebook and Twitter letting you know the play by play...

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hello world

We are about to do three things that should make you happy:

1- Make the site much, much easier to use. We’re systematically going through the site page by page, click by click, and making it simpler. You deserve that.

2- Give our current customers lots of new friends, so they can look back and say that all the new guys are just “jumping on the bandwagon” and that “we were customers of before everyone knew about them.” Hey, it’s cool to be first. We’re going to help make sure the whole world knows how cool you are.

3- Help you. We work hard to make sure we have what you need, but this year we’re taking it to the next level...

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Beer Friday Wet T Shirt Contest Part 1

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Poetry, Pants and a New Position

Hello. My name is Jared. I work on the second floor. And I just tore a hole in the crotch of my pants. I know that’s a lot of details for an introduction, but I think it’s important to relate. That’s what I’ll be doing as the new Community Evangelist for Relating. You know how it is the first day on the job. It’s never easy. It’s nervousness and awkwardness frosted with doubt and self awareness. You feel small in stature but large in disaster.

I’m also one to make it worse with errant attempts at humor. I mean, just after you meet someone it’s best to fly low and keep it simple. I try. However, out of my need to fit in, I shared with a new co-worker that I just tore a hole in my pants...

Read More gets funkified! gets a snazzy new look! Yes it’s true, we have not been hacked and this is not a phishing site, this is the new us! It’s been 8 years of orange, so with this big change we feel refreshed and revived! Clearly we’re pretty excited about it and hope you are too.

So why the change? Why not!? Around here, we pride ourselves on pushing the envelope and staying fresh. We’re certainly not your average registrar, so we’ve updated our look to express that better. We think of our brand as an actual living, breathing thing that will be constantly evolving and changing as we go. We invite you to join the process and share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas at, you can also let us know what you think of the new design on Twitter using the hashtag #newname.

In the coming weeks ...

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March Madness

Spring is almost upon us! Surely the green beer will be flowing toward the end of the month and as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we thought we’d share a shortcut to the end of the rainbow:

Use the promo code, ‘SHAMROCKS‘ to receive:

$8.75 COM/NET registration and renewals

We’ve noticed a lot of momentum around .TV so we’re going to continue our special pricing;

$10.99 .TV registrations ($9.99/year when you register for multi-years)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the team! Watch out for those leprechauns! 😉

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Help our video get more views than the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial!!

Geeze, we’re up to our ears in buzz over the GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial. So they’re going to ’91unveil’ a new .CO girl, it might even be a blonde this time, ooooh, big deal! We will admit though, the hype did get us talking, but we quickly came to the conclusion that long gone are the days where a $3million dollar investment on a Super Bowl ad is worth it. We’ve got tens of thousands of potential views via the World Wide Web, so why not try that route? So in under 48 hours we pulled off our own Super Bowl commercial, at a fraction of the price. What does this mean for you? Well, we’re not going to try to sell you on sex appeal, instead we thought we’d simply lower our price. So check it out; register your .CO domain for just $7.77...

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New Office Digs!

We are so excited! Our recent move took us across town from the Lowry district of Denver, Colorado westward over to the heart of Cherry Creek. Months of planning surely paid off as the new space is shaping up to be nothing short of fantastic! We now look as vibrant as we feel. With the move comes increased visibility for, which we are ready for. We’re hoping to get more name recognition since after all; we are Colorado’s largest domain registrar.

The new space has a modern look and feel. It was important to Bill, who is an artist at heart, to be in a space that fosters creativity and aids in the process of ’91making things’ whether that be ideas or products...

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New to the Team: Zach Flower

Community meet Zach.

Zach is the latest addition to our development team at and what an addition he has been. Although he’s not quite as intense as he looks in his photo. 😉

He may be a recent graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, but Zach already has a number of years experience in systems administration, security, and product engineering. Zach is also a Colorado native (a rare occurance these days) and in addition to building cool stuff on the internet he is quite the musician, as you can see by his website. He’s recently found a way to combine these two passions by building and designing MySpace pages for local bands. Oh, and he also designs album art.


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