Future of News series highlights journalism in a digital age

Journalism today looks very different than it did 50 years ago. Or even a decade ago. Or even a few years ago. In the midst of a digital age, industries are transforming the way they do business in an attempt to meet the changing needs and expectations of today’s consumers. This is especially true for the field of journalism, which continues to endure despite numerous claims throughout the years that the profession is dying out.

Journalism has survived the technological upheaval of recent years for a simple reason: It adapted. Newspapers moved to an online format. Broadcast journalists adopted Twitter as a new way to discover and report breaking news. And reporters who may have started their careers writing news stories via typewriter now curate news through mobile apps. Journalism as we know it is in the midst of a transformation that will shape the way we find and share news in the years to come.

.BRAND domains see significant growth in 2015

Slowly but surely, the way people navigate websites may be changing. We’re used to typing in a URL we’re familiar with and then clicking through the site to navigate to where we want to go. Or we might hop on our favorite social network and search for a particular business or individual to follow along with their feed. But with the rising popularity of .BRAND domains, this practice may eventually fade away in favor of a more streamlined website navigation experience.