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Our April 2016 promo code is trendy, healthy, and goes great on toast

April showers bring May flowers, and for, it also brings April Health Week. Because it seems like it would be insensitive to use a deep-fried, sugar-laden food as this month’s promo code as our office cohorts sadly watch our M&M dispenser be filled with broccoli and our frozen taquitos replaced with veggie burgers, we chose this fruit for its healthiness and its high status in the health food world.

Bottoms Rupp | Serious savings on .FAMILY

.FAMILY is one of the newest and most exciting domain extensions available for individuals and organizations of all kinds. Whether they’re used as a platform to share updates about your family, or simply to express the close knit bond of a company or organization, .FAMILY domains are a great way to evoke feelings of closeness and belonging within your website.

Better yet? They’re going to be seriously discounted during this week’s Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour sale.