Earn a Certificate of Awesomeness: Tell Your Friends about Our Domain Name Transfer Special

We’re running a special on domain name transfers right now (for a limited time only) that rivals free pizza and beer. OK, nothing is that good,an award for domain name transfer promotion but that’s one reason why you want to be with we’re open and honest. However, $6.99 COM/NET transfers for new accounts and $7.99 for existing Namers is really dang good, and we need your help in getting the word out. If we can recognize your effort in helping others bring their domain names to a better place, you could end up with a one-of-a-kind, suitable-for-framing CERTIFICATE OF AWESOMENESS.

But we’d like to help you help us. Sometimes it can be hard to work a conversation about domains into common situations, so we’re offering some talking points.

1. Any domain transfer comes with 1 year extension to registration. So, yes, if you have five months at your current registrar, you’ll have 17 months once you transfer.

2. Our customer support is amazing.

3. domains come with free email, free url forwarding, free social url forwarding and a free PageZen website.

4. The right domain name is the most effective yet least expensive marketing tool ever.

5. Name customers can come by the office for beer and crackers.

Here are some sample scenarios for bringing up domain names with friends, family and acquaintances:


Watching Sports with Friends

Team winning:

Option 1: “You think this is good, you should see’s COM/NET transfer special!

Option 2: “You’re wife is hot! Just kidding, did you know that has an attractive transfer special?”

Team losing:

Option 1: “Cheer up pal, at least you can transfer your COM/NET domain names to for just $6.99!”

Option 2: “Your choice of teams in pretty awful, but you can make up for it with the right domain registrar.”


Cocktail Party: 

Option 1: “I love what you’ve done with your hair! Are you celebrating transferring your domain names to

(and that one could really be used for anything: “I love that belt buckle,” “You smell great,” “You must be working out…”)

Option 2: “I think we should go back to my place. And transfer domain names to your new account for only $6.99.”


Family Events:

Option 1: “I’m sorry dad, but that’s who I am and you’re just going to have to live with it. But I did just transfer my domains to for just $6.99.”

Option 2: “I don’t have the money I owe you, but I did just transfer my domains to for just $6.99.”

(and you can see how this could be used in so many situations)


Grocery Store: 

Whole Foods: “Sweet Lord Baby that’s expensive! At least I did the cheapest domain name renewal ever by transferring my domain names to”

Option 2: “Get me five more pounds of pudding. I saved transferring my domain names to”


Waiting in lobby, at a bus stop or riding in an elevator:

Option 1: “The weather sure has been crazy lately. At least you can count on’s super cheap transfer special for sunshine.”

Option 2: “The weather has just been fantastic! Of course I’m always warm with all these domain transfer savings.”



Option 1: “That was as good as being able to transfer my COM/NET domain names to”

Option 2: “I’ll make it up to you by transferring your COM/NETs to for only $6.99.”


As you can see, your opportunities for greatness are many, as are the opportunities for you and your friends/family/lovers to save money. We’ll see you on the Internet!

Update: GoDaddy was down – we’re giving away 500 free transfers!

Thank you! We hit 500 fairly fast and made a whole bunch of new friends. You’ll like it here, we promise.

Earlier today we offered you $6.99 com/net transfers in from GoDaddy as well as 50% off any of our hosting plans. Behind the scenes our ninjas have been working on an even better promo:

BEGINNING AT 10AM MT on September 11, 2012…


The gory details: 1 transfer per account, the free transfers are only valid if they’re coming from GoDaddy (otherwise just use GROUPHUG for that sweet $6.99 com/net transfer deal.) Offer valid on a first come, first served basis so act fast! Transfers come with a year extension to your current registration, so that’s awesome. It’s automagic so just give it a try!


If you miss the boat you can fall back on the promo code, ‘GROUPHUG’ for $6.99 com/net domains and 50% off any of our hosting plans (good through the end of the day, 11:59 p.m., September 11, 2012.)

Also, we’d like to thank Mashable for listing the GoDaddy alternatives from good to better!

And thank you for all the great Tweets and support!





BEST DOMAIN DEAL EVER! Get Your COM/NET/ORG Domain Names for 2 years for 10 Bucks!

Being as open and transparent as we are, we’d like to show you the benefits of an open and transparent company. To do this we’re going to help our competition’s business, while showing you how to score  your COM/NET/ORG domain for two years for under ten bucks!

This is unprecedented! and* have teamed up to give you the best deal in the history of domains.

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps!

1. You’ve got to help retweet this Namecheap Tweet  30,000 15,000 times to get $0.98 COM/NET/ORG domains. That’s an amazing deal (although there’s an 18 cent ICANN fee they’re tacking on…sorry…can’t always pick your teammates.)

2. After successfully getting to 30,000  15,000 Tweets, register your COM/NET/ORG domain at Namecheap.

3. After you register your domain at Namecheap, wait sixty days and transfer to us. The TRANSFER IS EASY and CHEAP!  COM/NETs are only 8.25, and ORGs just 7.99 AND YOU GET A cheap domains YEAR EXTENSION ADDED TO THE DOMAIN you just reg’ed for 98 cents at Namecheap!

Now you’ve completely avoided an expensive renewal at Namecheap, and you’ve got two years of registration for LESS THAN TEN BUCKS.

Don’t wait. Retweet this now and then come over to a world of dedicated customer support, free WhoIs privacy, free email, free security…free, free, free and love. As the Beatles said, you can’t buy love, which is why we simply give it away with the best service in the business. Oh, AND NO HIDDEN FEES!

Thank you transparency! Thank you Namecheap!  Thank YOU domain buying Retweeting Superstar!

*They have no idea they’re on our team.

Current specials at

We are running so many great specials right now that we thought it’d be helpful to put them all in 1 place for your quick reference!

  • The retail promotional code is, ‘MAKEITRAIN’ for $10.25 COM/NET registrations and renewals.
  • $8.25 COM/NET Transfers. No hidden fees! Includes one year extension of registration. (No promotional code necessary)
  • $5.99 .EU registrations (No promotional code necessary)
  • And…when you buy ANY domain extension, .ORG is only $7.99. 

Happy Domaining from your friends at Name!

Domain name deals and savings.

Going Green is the Thing: ORG Sale underway

Saint Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, that jacket you get when you win the Masters: There’s no doubt about it, going green is nothing but good. And now it’s gotten even better. Green gets you two dollars off .ORG! When you search a domain and add any extension to the shopping cart, you’ll see the .ORG option on the power bar turn green, and with that, the $9.99 new .ORG price drops to $7.99.

.ORG domain sale

“What the?” you might ask. Well it’s about time you get all the best domain extensions for your brand. ORG is as solid as they come. For twenty-five years it has helped organizations and businesses advance their missions or to inspire their communities. So go green, save some green and a whole new audience will applaud your $7.99 .ORG from

December deals: Happy HOLIDAZE from

Happy Chrismanakwanzadan (yes, that’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, and everything in between!)
As the year end approaches make sure you renew and register your domain names before the VeriSign price increase come January 2012 (sad, we know). Get on top of your game and take advantage of these deals to save even more:

Use the promotional code, ‘HOLIDAZE‘ at checkout and receive:

$8.75 .COM / .NET Registrations

We’re also running a special on .WS, the country-code top level domain for Somoa! .WS is great for domain hacks, brand protection, and expanding your business presence. No promo code required, our .WS promotion runs 12/1/2011 – 12/31/2011

.WS, $14.99 now just $7.50

.WS registrations are open to the general public.

November deals











November already?! Yikes! Use the promotional code, ‘ELEVEN‘ and receive:

$8.75 COM/NET first year registrations

$8.25 .ORG renewals

Be sure to check throughout the month for more promotions as we are cooking up some other great deals!

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September deals = ‘Kleptember’ steals

As the long, hot days of August melt into the past, we step into the freshly minted month of Kleptember. This new and exciting era brings you deals on domains so good they’re a steal. Simply use the new Promo Code “KLEPTEMBER,” and you’re making off with these domain specials:


$8.99 .COM/.NET registrations & renewals
$8.25 .ORG renewals

$7.39 COM/NET transfer special continues!

50% off all first year .EU registrations!

We also have a special on .MX this month:
Register COM.MX for $12.99 (regularly $14.99)
Register .MX for $19.99 (regularly $54.95)

So pilfer, swipe and thieve away. It’s Kleptember, and ransacking has never been so easy 🙂

Domain happy hour is back!

Cheers to the return of domain happy hour! Now through August 31st, 2011 register recently deleted domains at majorly discounted prices!

How does it work?

Well it’s really pretty simple, thousands of great names drop and are available for registration starting at 2pm EST, 12:00pm MST, and as time goes by the price gets cheaper. This is happening every day till the end of August. Stay on your toes though, or else someone might grab the name you’re eyeing first.

Here are the times and prices for the Happy Hour. All times are in MST:

Time COM price NET price

12 – 2:59 pm $9.99 $9.99

3 – 4:59 pm $9.65 $9.34

5 – 6:59 pm $8.65 $8.84

7 – 8:59 pm $7.65 $8.34

9 -10:59 pm $6.65 $7.84

Not only is this a great way to snag some gems, but discounted gems no less! If you constantly find yourself perusing through the recently deleted domains list now’s your chance to register with happy hour pricing. If you aren’t perusing the recently deleted list you might want to check it out and see what you’re missing!

CLICK HERE to check out today’s list