SEO brings you SEO Tutor. And some more time and sanity and probably even money.

What is SEO? For sure it’s a commodity, and for many it’s a pain in the tookus. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Quite simply, it is the act of increasing the visibility of your website to the search engines that drive Internet traffic.

So how do you rise to the top of Google, Bing or Yahoo!?

You don’t need an expensive consultant or an extra twenty hours in the day. You take about three minutes and get signed up for’s SEO Tutor.

We don’t want to insult anyone’s intelligence, but we do want to show you how easy it is to make your business a web phenom.

Step 1: If you already have a domain name you want to use, then go here. Otherwise, start the day like any other day: buying a domain for your successful business.

Name Domains Search

Step 2: On your way out of our store, check the free ...

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(VIDEO) Good On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your website to be on page #1 of Google? Start with these five important on-page SEO elements:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Header Tag
  • Page text
  • Image Tags
VIDEO 1: The most important on-page optimization elements

VIDEO 2: Putting this into action – Denver Architect on page #1

This is only part of the story! For more detailed SEO information (which I know you can’t live without), please check out my other SEO posts.

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Great things happen with good domain names

Hey fellow Namers,

It’s been a great month here in Denver – mostly because the snow is melting – but also because we’re still quickly growing. As many of you saw last year, we were added to the Top 5 Best Registrars in Domain Wire’s annual survey because of your write in votes – thanks guys! (We’re still waiting for 2011 DW survey results). Since that time, we have moved to a new office location, released our reseller API program, and have worked on a number of awesome additional products that will be rolled out shortly.

Our Success Comes from Our Name
If there is anything that I’ve learned from this company’s success, its that the power of a good domain name is paramount to anything else you can do to build your business and your brand online...

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We wanted to follow up our second podcast (SEO Basics) with a video that shows some of the tips we discussed. In this video we once again use Beer Fridays as an example and show you how to edit your page title, meta data, and permalinks using WordPress.

There are tags in the video you can hover over to skip to the different sections. If you have any thoughts or questions, let us know in the comments!

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Making Google Caffeine Work for You (SEO)

Hi everyone,

Ok, it finally feels like winter here in Denver with the coming of Daylight Saving time and our first snowfall. Since it’s now dark outside when we leave the office, it means no more mountain biking. On the other hand, it’s a great time to get indoors and get some work done on website development and SEO!

If you’re interested in SEO and marketing your website this winter, you need to understand Google Caffeine and make it work for you. What is Google Caffeine? It’s the new search indexing system that Google announced in June of this year that provides 50% fresher search results than the older indexing system.

I Can’t Find My Website
One of the most amusing questions I used to get from web design clients is “you published the site yesterday but I still can’t find it in Google...

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Are Exact Match Domains in Trouble? (SEO)

Hey everyone,

There’s been some buzz lately about exact match domain names and how search engines (particularly Google and Bing) may be not giving them as much authority in the future. We at believe strongly is the power of registering exact match domain names for SEO purposes but I wanted to open up this question to the community.

A Long Time Ago…
In the past (a decade ago) you could effectively keyword-stuff your content to the hilt and Yahoo would love you and instantly promote you. Now, that is changed. Also, Google used to allow hidden keywords (same color as background) and you could still rank higher. I’ve honestly never attempted this but have caught plenty of people doing it even within the last year or two.

I took a formal search engine marketing (SEM) course recently i...

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Quick Keyword Analysis Using Google Adwords (SEO)


It’s been a fun week here at and even more fun writing about SEO today on the blog. This week, I wanted to briefly talk about one of the fundamental points of SEO and that is keyword analysis using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It is a good tool to take a quick look at your target keywords for your particular SEO campaign because it shows you a “rough” view of how many visitors are searching a particular keyword on any given month.

Quick-N-Dirty Keyword Analysis
Now, since we are looking at the “quick” method I won’t spend a lot of time today looking at definitions, filtering options and additional analysis which you can do with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool (which you should do on your own)...

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Sites that Don’92t Rank Well in Google (SEO)

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the great comments and feedback from the community about our search engine optimization tips. If you’re just now joining this thread, be sure to read over all my SEO tips so you can learn how to move your website up as high as possible in the SERPs.

Last week we talked about the importance of having keyword-rich domains. This week I felt it was important to discuss the fact that not all industries represent equal opportunity and I wanted to help you not get sucked into the trap of spending a lot of resources into a website that won’t do well in search engines.

Before I dive into the subject of sites that don’t rank well in search engines, it’s important to understand this important rule, which you must never forget:

You Work for Google

This means that even if you a...

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The Importance of Keyword Rich Domain Names and SEO

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of the week again when we get to talk about SEO. Last week, I talked about how strong on-page optimization is critical to your SEO efforts – especially when building smaller websites. This week, I wanted to show some working examples of that principle and the 27 website examples listed at illustrate my point perfectly. In addition to having strong on-page optimization, these sites also highlight the fact that having a keyword-rich domain is critically important when in comes to optimizing a site effectively.

The Octane360 sites examples are nicely designed but what’s interesting to note is that and they are very lean in terms of content, backlinks, and domain age – yet each of these sites are ranking well on page #1 of Google, Yahoo, or Bing...

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Essential On-Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Hello again everyone!

Thanks for the strong positive response to last week’s post on search engine basics for small business. I appreciate all the comments and discussion that came about as a result. Because of the strong general interest in SEO with our community, I’d like to post something that deals with a specific topic of SEO every Wednesday or Thursday afternoon (if possible) so stay tuned!

Last week I kept things kind of vague with regard to the actual editing of your site. Now it’s time to delve into the specifics. Let’s start out by talking about essential on-page search engine optimization (SEO).

First of all, it’s important to understand the difference between on-page optimization and off-page optimization...

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