One Heck of a Week: SOPA, PIPA and POWER (yours)

I don’t mean to be mean, but you know you’ve done something right when Senators’ websites are crashing. This means THE VOTERS CARE, (and that maybe our nation’s leaders should get better hosting.) But here’s the deal, many of us have learned an important lesson: if you don’t take a stand then there’s some lobbyist somewhere that’ll be glad to do it for you. That’s not to say all lobbyists are bad and out to get you, but when they’re shaking hands in DC to jack with our Internet, well then there’s a problem.

So we stood up, and we Tweeted and we blogged, and many of you probably spoke your piece thinking, “This is pretty easy compared to Syria.” And it is.

We’ve got it pretty good in America, and our efforts will make it even better. SOPA has been shelved and PIPA has lost a lot of friends

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The Best of the Anti-SOPA Anti-PIPA Media

A great way to learn is to laugh. Personally, I’m a fan of The Oatmeal, and if you don’t mind a little blasphemous, R-Rated humor, then this is your go-to link for a quick lesson in SOPA/PIPA.

Like a little song? Love some American Pie? YouTubers LaughPong have done an amazing redux of the Don McLean classic to teach us more about the legislation (and why the web is so dang awesome.)

What the heck is a LOLcat? (Imagine a post-SOPA/PIPA world where Wikipedia is blacked out all the time.)

Who doesn’t love cartoons? This incredible mix of live action and animation is clearly made by dedicated & passionate people, and it is an all-in-one tutorial. Get educated!

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

I’m sure there are many more great protest media...

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Steve Jobs is not dead

Remember when we were all horrified when Obi Wan Kenobi was killed by Darth Vader? Well he only became more powerful. He was everywhere, omnipotent and ever present.

And now think about Steve Jobs. He created technology before we knew we even needed it. There was a time when a computer was loathsome. We couldn’t wait to leave it at work. Now we hold it and caress it. We name it, we love it and then stand in line for another one.

Steve JobsTo Infinity and Beyond.

If that isn’t enough for immortality, there are the people. The people who didn’t know they could make posters, graphic novels and insane animations. Bands that had no idea how good they were until they used a Mac to edit the pieces together...

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Domains on the Go

Convenience. It’s something we all take for granted until the power goes out or our phone dies. We all want our lives to be more convenient because the easier and quicker things get done, the more time we have for ourselves, and our families. This applies to all facets of life, from making a reservation at a restaurant, to registering a domain name – convenience is the name of the game. Software developers, like me, are constantly trying to find ways to make life easier on everyone, and the central tool for this is the same one that few of us could live without. Any guesses? Our cell phones, of course! Our smart phones are exactly that: damn smart...

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1 Week 1 Project: A Study in Accountability

How many of you have vowed to write a blog post once a week only to have an inactive blog staring back at you six months down the road? I will raise my hand as one of the blogging idealists that has a hard time turning ideas into a written reality. Now how many of you have had a weekly project turn into a monthly project and then into yet another dead project? I will raise my hand here as well, and if you did the same, right now you’re probably wondering the same thing as me — sheesh, what the heck do I do with my time??

Enter Mike, a Name.com customer and good buddy of mine, and his site 1 Week 1 Project. The idea is simple: he works on one project per week and he blogs about it (resulting in at least one blog post per week)...

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Podcast Episode #4: Name.com Beginnings

Length: 9:11

In this podcast we sit down with Name.com Founder and CEO, Bill Mushkin, to discuss his background and how Name.com came to be. It’s a great conversation and we look forward to future podcasts where we can share further insights from the man behind the curtain.

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Podcast Episode #3: Something Technical With Sean (DNSSEC)

Length: 9:44

This week our CTO, Sean Leach, joins the podcast to talk about a little thing called DNSSEC. The most basic explanation of DNSSEC is that it provides security for your DNS, but, as you will hear, there is oh so much more involved.

Non-tech folks, not to worry, Sean does a really good job of keeping the technobabble to a minimum. Even as I was politely smiling and nodding during recording, I was actually comprehending (most) of what was being said. :)

Speaking of DNS security, the .ORG registry is now running a campaign to practice safe DNS, and they’ve taken a clever angle with it. Check out the PSA-like video below:

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Podcast Episode #2: SEO Basics

Length: 14:23

Hey folks! For our second podcast we talk about a few basic SEO techniques you can use to optimize your website. As an example, we take a look at our very own BeerFridays.tv and discuss ways to get it seen by people who aren’t already in the Name.com network.

We also consider it a small victory that our second podcast attempt is 5 minutes shorter than our first. We’re getting better at this whole brevity thing. :)

Have any topics or specific questions you’d like us to cover in future episodes? Let us know in the comments or shoot us an email!

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Name.com Needs Your Help

We’re hiring a UI Designer, the video gives you a pretty good idea why.

More information about the position can be found here. Cheers!

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Podcast Episode #1: Support at Name.com

Length: 19:28

We’ve decided to take a stab at podcasting and we’re starting things off with an episode that gives an overview of what support is like here at Name.com. We had fun making it and it was a good learning experience. Mostly we learned that we need to keep it a little shorter, as 19 minutes even tests our own attention spans.

We hope you enjoy, and keep an eye out for more podcasts from us! They’ll be shorter, we promise. ;)

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