How to get more YouTube subscribers



Are you trying to get more YouTube subscribers? With a little work and experimentation, you can quickly boost the amount of people who are ready to watch your newest videos. Here are some ideas on how to get more YouTube subscribers:

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We’ve updated URL forwarding, and it rocks!

URL forwarding is an incredible tool. You can use it to easily shorten cumbersome URLs for your existing sites. Why send someone to when they could go to instead? Another great use is to brand your social media channels. While speaking at an event recently, I set up to forward to my LinkedIn profile. This was so much easier to put into my presentation than the full LinkedIn URL or a username that is easily forgettable. With URL forwarding, it was easy to connect with new professional contacts using a memorable domain name that made me stand out from the crowd.

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The Oatmeal was temporarily shutdown by ICANN: here’s how to avoid having this happen


When it’s the appropriate time to take a break from work, many of us drift on over to The Oatmeal to see what Matthew Inman and his big, crazy brain are up to. Today, however, we were shocked and saddened to see that The Oatmeal had been taken down. One of the most popular websites on the ‘Net had been eviscerated. The content was gone; the enlightening and hilarious glow darkened. What happened? Well if we were shocked it was down, we were even more surprised the site wasn’t resolving because of one simple little task: ICANN Verification. (We said ‘simple’ but we’re not going to say it’s not annoying.)

We’re also very happy that we can help...

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How to make a website


Do you have a really good idea, are thinking about creating an online portfolio, or want to make a web presence for your business but don’t know how to make a website? It’s something that can seem overwhelming, but there are so many great tools making it easy to get online, that you can do it even if you don’t know how to code or have graphic design skills.

Since even the thought of making a website is something that can be daunting, we decided to make a quick, “how to make a website,” guide that lays out all of the ways you (yes, you) can quickly and affordably make a great looking website.

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How to set up a custom short URL with Buffer


When using Buffer to schedule your social media posts, you’ve probably noticed that the URL’s that you share are shortened to something like “” or “” Have you ever wondered if you could have your very own shortened URL that uses your personal or business brand name? Well, it’s something that can be done pretty easily and we’ve created a simple guide to help you setup your own custom short URL on Buffer.

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Introducing our monthly video series: The Web Address

Welcome to our new video series. It’s called The Web Address, and it’ll be posted at the beginning of each month. And what, exactly, is The Web Address?  It’s an amazing double entendre that features comedy, Gingers, domain names, and interviews that will show you the path to online success.

Episode 1 guide:

The latest headlines, comedy fun, and the meme of the week: 0:00–2:55
Ginger on the street: 2:55–4:25
Interview with SEO expert Rick Ramos of Denver’s Inflow: 4:25–12:52

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How to write blog post titles that get more page views


If your blog post doesn’t have a good headline, it might be tough to attract readers’ attention. A great headline makes somebody stop in his or her Facebook newsfeed, Twitter timeline, or wherever they are on the Internet, and click a link because you’ve made them genuinely curious. Websites like Buzzfeed seem to have found a formula that generates both views and shares, so we decided to take a moment to try to figure out what they’re doing so well to get such great post engagement.

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Some Heartbleed Bug advice for customers (and pretty much everyone with SSL)

In the past few days security researchers discovered a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL Certificates that has existed for more than two years. It’s called the Heartbleed Bug, and you can read more about it here. The basic problem is that personal information, like passwords and credit card information, could have been compromised on sites that were using OpenSSL.
The website was not vulnerable to the bug and has been rolling out the latest security patches on all systems to ensure that we remain unaffected. But this is a pretty serious bug, and if you’ve been using an SSL Certificate with (or any online company), we strongly recommend that you follow these two steps to update and secure your SSL:
Step 1: Generate a new Key / CSR (certificate signing request) from within your hosting account

Step 2: Re-issue an SSL certificate on your domain name. For more detailed instructions you can reference this tutorial.

Also—and this is very important—if you have users that log in to your site, we suggest that you notify them to reset their passwords. 

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How to use your New Domain with an existing website, Part 1

New Domains are now available for immediate registration and use, creating some awesome opportunities for getting a new blog or website online. But what if you already have an established web presence? You don’t want to lose the people who are familiar with your current domain name, but you may also want to take advantage of a New Domain. We’ll show you how to have your cake and eat it too.

Solution #1: URL forwarding.

If you’re happy with your website’s current domain name, but  you want to use a New Domain to improve your brand’s reach or make an easy-to-remember address for an existing page, all you need is a simple URL forward.

Here’s an example: We already have a site for Bearglecorn, the mascot: (OK, fine, it’s just a test site for making tutorials)...

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How to make money with your WordPress blog


People with blogs often wonder how they can monetize their site, because monetizing your blog is effectively monetizing your passion. Let’s talk about how you can turn your passion into profit.

First off, there’s some good news. It’s very easy to find ways to monetize your blog. You may not make a ton of money right off the bat, but if your blog has good content, it won’t be very hard to earn a few bucks daily. Think of it as the internet paying for your daily cup of coffee. And with a bit of hard work and some quality content, you could potentially earn a lot.

Let’s look at some of the ways to earn cash online:

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