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March 2014 Promo Code: HIGHFIVEGUY and 10,000 High Fives for a Good Cause

On the verge of extinction, live customer support personnel are difficult to find. Luckily, these splendid beings are safe in one of their last refuges: Now, in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you get to touch actual customer service personnel at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. It’s an exciting opportunity that will lift spirits and raise money for some people who could use a hand.

Our goal for the five days we’re in Austin is 10,000 high fives. To do this, we’re taking a somewhat unsuspecting support representative and lowering him into the throngs of the Texas Capital. He’ll be attached to an actual high-five counter, and sent out on a five-day migration to share the love of a company that still cares. For each high five, will donate a nickel to the Austin’s Children’s Shelter. With your help, we can do all kinds of awesome.

That’s why your March 2014 Promo Code is HIGHFIVEGUY. Use it at checkout to receive $10.25 registrations and renewals on COM/NET domains, and $24.99 registrations on GURU domain names.


Reach out and touch a real live customer support agent

Even though we’ll be accepting Twitter and Facebook high fives (and whatever might happen on Google +), getting 10,000 high-fives will not be an easy task. Let’s take a look at the math:

10,000 high fives = 5 days x 2000/day or 166.6 per hour during five 12-hour days.

That’s a big challenge, but we can’t be weak, people. You need real, live customer support. We need you to know where you can get real, live customer support ( We’ll track the drama and the excitement on TwitterFacebook and our blog, as well as pouring on the entertainment value with minute upon minute of enjoyable video.

Also, at every major benchmark, we’ll give away valuable swag, including, but not limited to: t-shirts, dotCO goodies, exciting gifts from .XYZ, .NINJA and more.

Of course anyone is a winner if they’re helping a someone in need. Let’s crush this.

WE LOST THE BET: eNom’s Chris Sheridan Joins us from Seattle

Every bet is a risk, of course, but sometimes you get a little excited and lose yourself in the moment. The “moment” in Denver was when our football team went 13-3 and our quarterback, Peyton Manning, broke more records than a drunken disc jockey. Heading into the big game against Seattle, we were feeling a victory was likely … and therefore put ourselves on the line for our team. If Denver had won, we would’ve been given the keys to run Seattle’s eNom office (they sell domains, too).

Instead, the inverse happened—Seattle crushed Denver—and super sales juggernaut Chris Sheridan was sent from eNom to run our office the only way he knows how: hard-boiled, in-your-face sales. Sales. Sales sales sales. We get the importance of selling things; it pays our salary. But we just go about it differently. We’re located near Boulder and much of our staff actually enjoys kale. But because Denver was eviscerated like a slow pony in a velociraptor race, Chris Sheridan got to come to and impose his will.

Before you see the ugly results, please know that you’re already a winner. Use the promo code FISHTOSS for a sweet, sweet deal on .CO domain names: $7.99 for registrations (valid through midnight MST on Feb. 14, 2014).


Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rhyme, it’s Promo Code for February 2014 Time!


We’re celebrating February with yet another awesome promo code! It’s … (wait for it) … BOBSLED! You can use BOBSLED at checkout to receive $10.25 .COM/.NET registration and renewals. This month’s code is special for two reasons:

When the New Zealand Bobsled Team drops down the zigzagging course in Whistler, they’ll be thinking of you and your glorious domain names. They know that owning a piece of the Internet with a domain name is not only important for your business or personal site, but it’s also helping them achieve their athletic goals.



Early access means that you can get your New Domain before everybody else. Here’s how the pricing works:


Early access is only available on  domains. Learn more here.

We’ve got a new contest … so now even Seattle fans can win

We don’t want to get too cocky, so here in Denver, we’re doing our best to share our Big Game joy with the entire world. So we created a contest that gives you a great chance to save some money on domains. There are two ways to enter:

Option 1: Use a promo code

When you register a new .COM or .NET domain name between now and kickoff, let us know which team will win by entering either DENVER or Seattle as the promo code during checkout. If the team you pick wins, then we’ll send you a sweet deal for a new $5 COM/NET domain.

Option 2: Put on your dancing shoes

If you’re not into purchasing anything, then you can get your special $5 domain promo code by sending us a video of you doing a celebratory touchdown dance (that somehow expresses your affection for to We’d love to see you dance. We love that we’re in the big dance. It’s happiness all around and we’re happy to have you be a part of it. And now a video that shares much the same information, but gets downright magical at about :32. Promo Code for January 2014: Celebrate the New Year with a DISCOBALL!


It’s January, which means that it’s the start of a new year! And, luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect promo code to kick off the year right. The promo code for January 2014 is… DISCOBALL! You can use DISCOBALL at checkout to receive $10.25 .COM registrations and renewals and $9.99 .NET registrations and renewals.

The start of a new year is often a time for creating resolutions and setting new goals. If one of your 2014 goals is to get your business online, you can hop on the DISCOBALL train to Internet glory. Owning a piece of the Internet with a domain name is important for your business because it helps you with accessibility (you’re essentially open 24/7 when you have a website!), brand building, and marketing.

We’ve also extended our .TV pricing:

New .TV registrations are still just $10.99!


It’s Time for a Little Pajama Dancin’ this Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday is really a great thing when you think about it. It’s an opportunity to save on some of your favorite products without having to leave the comfort of the interwebs. People who embrace Cyber Monday, rather than Black Friday, can sit back and relax while everyone else goes bonkers at the mall.

Now that you’re all pumped up to partake in Cyber Monday festivities, it would probably be an amazing time to tell you our Cyber Monday promo code to use at checkout to save on .COM/.NET. The promo code is…*drumroll*… PAJAMADANCE. Use it at checkout to receive $8.99 pricing on .COM and .NET registrations and renewals. This is a two-day sale, so the promo code expires at 11:59 p.m. MST on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

We know, it’s a totally amazing deal to help get you or your business online and thrust into Internet superstardom! Roll out of bed, register some new .COMs and .NETs, and start dancing!


Domain deals for December 2013: It’s DOMAINBER!


It’s December, which means more than just snow and pumpkin spice-flavored everything. It also means … DOMAINBER! What is this Domainber thingy we’re talkin’ about? It is a splendid time of year when the opportunity to buy cheaper domains is bestowed upon you. Domainber is the perfect excuse for you to get the perfect domain to make you or your business stand out on a little known thing called, THE INTERNET. And yes, it’s a word we just made up, but whatever!

In the spirit of Domainber, your December 2013 promo code is… wait for it … DOMAINBER. If you use the promo code at checkout, your .COM and .NET registration and renewal pricing will drop down to just $10.25.

It’s a domaintastic deal this December. Start finding your name here.


But wait, there’s more!

We’ve got incredible pricing on .TV registrations. Like, seriously incredible: They’re just $10.99.

[Ducks out of the way to avoid the stampede of .TV registrations]. November 2013 Promo Code: Get Ready to Grow a MUSTACHE


It’s November, which means—if you can—it’s time to grow out your mustache in honor of Movember. If you aren’t aware, Movember is a time of the year when mustaches are grown out to help promote the constantly changing face of men’s health, specifically raising funds for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

In the spirit of Movember, we decided to make your November 2013 promo code MUSTACHE. You can use it at checkout to receive $10.25 registrations and renewals on your .COM and .NET domain names.

But wait, there are more deals!
.CO.UK – normally , $8.99, now just $7.99. (10% off)
.IN – normally $8.99, now just $4.99. (45% off)
.US – normally $8.99, now just $3.99. (56% off)
.BIZ – normally $10.99, now just $6.99. (36% off)
.EU – normally $7.99, now just $5.99. (25% off)

We’ve also dropped pricing on some transfers this month:
.IN transfers – normally $8.99, now just $7.99.
.CO.IN transfers – normally $7.99, now just $6.99.
.ORG.IN transfers – normally $7.99, now just $6.99.
.GEN.IN transfers – normally $7.99, now just $6.99.
.IND.IN transfers – normally $7.99, now just $6.99.