.TV domains for $10.99 at name.com. Seriously.


It’s been mentioned here. And here, too. But it warrants mentioning again. In really big type.

.TV domains are an awesome tool for branding your video content, and we’ve got them for a crazy cheap price right now.

From now through the end of June, .TV domains are just $10.99 at name.com. That’s not just a one-year price, either. You can register a new .TV domain for $10.99 per year for up to 10 years.

Here’s the part where you ask, “10 years? Why would I make such a commitment right now?” That’s a fair question. $10.99 per year for 10 years is $109.90. That’s no small fee. But the yearly renewal price for a .TV is $35. Yikes.

$10.99 .TV registrations

Yeah, that’s right. $10.99 .TVs for up to 10 years. (Ducks out of the way to avoid stampede of .TV registrations.)

So here’s what the next 10 years will look like if you find a great .TV domain name and lock it in for $109.90:

Hooray, 10 years of .TV for $10.99 a year!

Hooray, 10 years of .TV for $10.99 a year!

And here’s what it looks like to renew a .TV domain for $35:

Boo, $35 .TV renewals

So why get a .TV instead of .COM/.NET/ETC?

  • It’s instantly recognizable: a .TV domain is easy to remember and positions your website as a go-to source for media content.
  • Availability: Your preferred domain isn’t available as a .COM or .NET? The .TV landscape is wide open.
  • Branding: Are you a film student or professional? A web personality looking for a home for all your videos? A master of YouTube tutorials? A .TV domain is the perfect home for your work.

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