New Domains are approaching General Availability. Here’s one way to get ’em first.

The first batch of New Domains launched a few months ago, and more have been released each week. Now they’re nearing the General Availability phase. You can place a Preorder for New Domains that have been released, and that’ll give you a pretty good chance of getting the domain you want the moment it’s available to the general public. But for certain New Domains, there’s an option that will allow you to secure your domain before Preorders are processed. It’s called the Early Access Program.

What’s the Early Access Program?

The Early Access Program (EAP) applies to all New Domains operated by the Donuts registry. These domains have tiered pricing for the seven days leading up to General Availability. The closer the extension gets to General Availability, the lower the price. It’s basically a way to let the market determine the price for the most coveted domains. Check out the table below to see the pricing schedule. You can click here to see which domains are currently available via EAP.



A few notes about the Early Access Program:

  • The EAP only applies to domains operated by the Donuts registry. Click here for a complete list of Donuts-operated domain extensions.
  • You might be wondering, “Who or what is Donuts?” We’re not referring to delicious fried dough. Donuts is a domain registry. Similar to how Verisign is the registry that sells .COM, .NET, and .TV domains, Donuts specializes in providing back-end support for hundreds of New Domain extensions.
  • Already placed a Pre-Registration Order? Pre-Registrations will be attempted at the conclusion of the Early Access Program and before domains are available to the general public. If you have placed a Pre-Registration order but want to improve your chances of registering the domain, you should consider the Early Access Program.
  • EAP pricing only applies to the initial registration. The domain will renew at the standard price for the respective extension.
  • Domains that are part of the EAP will not go to auction or a landrush phase. For Donuts extensions, the EAP is used in place of Pre-General Availability programs like auctions and landrush.