Early Access to New Domains from Name.com for the Week of April 9th


The New Domains offer an interesting quandary: you find just the right domain name for your website but it’s not available to the public…yet you don’t want to wait and lose it to another person. That’s why we offer our Early Access Program (EAP) for New Domain names (insert heroic, orchestral music.) You won’t miss out on registering your name because EAP lets you register–and actually use!–various New Domains before the rest of the Internet.

Who’s down with the EAP?*

When you register a domain during EAP you get to start using your domain name immediately. That means no preordering and no waiting… it’s your name to use the second after you checkout. Also, because you have first dibs on the domain names that you want, the Early Access Program gives you the opportunity to secure even better names than when general availability begins.

This week’s Early Access batch is for the New Domains .MARKETING and .HOLIDAY. You can start searching for domains in EAP this week below:

eap_holiday eap_marketing

Check out the availability dates of other New Domains on our Availability Dates page:


*Inspired by the musical stylings of Naughty by Nature.