Existential philosophers tackle some of your Facebook questions about New Domains

Learning about the glory of New Domains like .GURU, .WEBSITE and .CEO for the very first time can be a mind-blowing experience. We see newbie reactions to New Domain availability and open registration all the time on social media and it causes us to reminisce about when we heard about them for the first time and were like, “Whaaa?!?!” After we cleaned up the mess of our exploding mind grapes, we had some questions.

Chances are, if you’re just finding out about New Domains, you’ve got these same questions about the changing landscape of the Internet. To help you out, we asked some of the greatest existential minds to answer your most frequently asked New Domain questions. And then, because these guys are actually not very helpful at all when it comes to answering questions about New Domains (not to mention, a bit depressing), we answered them ourselves.

Friedrich Nietzsche

When can I actually use New Domains?

“There are no facts, only interpretations.” —Friedrich Nietzsche

We don’t usually make it a habit to argue with Nietzsche (his mustache is incredibly intimidating), but when you can use New Domains isn’t up to interpretation, it’s up to the timeline of each individual domain. Fact.

First, there are a bunch of New Domains that have already launched into general availability, so you can purchase them right now. Second, when you pre-register a domain, you may use it when the extension launches into general availability, so long as your pre-registration goes through. To view the timeline of when New Domains that are currently in pre-registration will launch into general availability, check out this handy timeline we made just for you.

Kafka_portraitAre people actually buying these?

Previously I did not understand why I got no answer to my question; today I do not understand how I could believe I was capable of asking. But I didn’t really believe, I only asked. —Franz Kafka

Umm … thanks Kafka. That really cleared things up.

Yes. People are actually buying these. And using them. And loving them. New Domains offer choices you’ve never had before, and they create the possibility to buy a truly memorable domain name that fits your website perfectly. For real-life examples of real-life people using these real-life domains, check out these short Q and As with two of our customers, Jan Grewe, owner of Jan.Photos and DMC Sewer and Water, owner of ColoradoSprings.Construction.

SartreIs this real life?

The real nature of the present reveals itself: it is what exists, all that is not present does not exist. —Jean-Paul Sartre

Is it just us, or are these guys incredibly difficult to understand? Maybe this is real life, maybe it’s not. After all, if we all learned anything from the Matrix trilogy, and I think we did, it’s that reality is just a construct designed by “the man” to control us. And really tiny black sunglasses coupled with floor-length vinyl jackets are a fashion necessity in the future.

But, if you mean “are these New Domains real life?” then yes! As “real” as life gets. You can register your own New Domain today and there are more New Domains launching throughout the year.