Fourteen New Domains have 10,000 registrations. Who’s next?

New Domains are still in their infancy, but we’re already seeing a lot of growth in the number of New Domain registrations. offers an in-depth look at the New Domains that are available for registration, including which New Domains are domain-ating (see what we did there?) the market, like .GURU, and which New Domains are growing from month-to-month. Altogether (according to this data), there are almost half a million New Domain registrations to date (in mid-April 2014).

It’s difficult to compare New Domains to one another in terms of growth, since each extension has a different timeline—including different dates of sunrise start, landrush start (if there was a landrush) and date of general availability—but a number of first-launched New Domains have passed the 10,000 registration mark, which is a milestone a lot of industry analysts are celebrating because it shows a definite steady growth pattern and an undeniable public interest in the New Domains.

Here are five of the New Domains leading in growth, with over 10,000 registrations, followed by five extensions we have our eye on that are nearing that mark quickly.

 Five New Domains over the 10,000 registration mark

.GURU .GURU might be the New Domain guru, because so far this quirky and unique New Domain option has held the No. 1 spot in registrations by a large margin. This domain is perfect for any industry and caters to professionals looking to create their own memorable and meaningful domain name.

.PHOTOGRAPHYPhotography isn’t just for photographers anymore, now that so many people have a decent camera with editing options right on their phone. Perhaps that’s why .PHOTOGRAPHY is leading the pack in New Domain registrations and showing impressive growth in its first year.

.EMAILRemember when you had to walk down to a weirdly-shaped blue metal box to send mail? Man, those were the days. It’s not news that email is one of the most important functions on the Web (and most popular) and .EMAIL offers a way to connect the over 3 billion email accounts in the world and the services that keep them running.

.TODAYThe purpose of .TODAY is to offer a domain option for an ever-changing digital landscape that values the newest and most relevant information. This New Domain is perfect for news publications, PR and marketing services, review forums, and any other use that emphasizes timeliness. It’s the 2014 equivalent of the town crier. Sort of.

.BIKEHere at, we appreciate bikes. And, we have some awesome bikes of our own, which is why we know how important it is to create a bike-specific space on the Web for cyclists, enthusiasts and the bike industry. Obviously, there’s a lot of demand for this New Domain.

 Five New Domains we think will break through 10,000 soon

.GALLERYNot just for art galleries, .GALLERY creates a domain option that can be used by any business featuring a gallery of images, from products to marketing campaigns. Which is every business, really. .GALLERY is already showing a lot of growth, which is why we think it’ll be hitting the 10,000 mark soon.

.PHOTOSJust like .PHOTOGRAPHY, this New Domain is proving how important photography is right now online. From social media to websites, the uses and applications of photos on the Web is infinite, which is why we predict .PHOTOS will reach their five-figure mark sooner than later.

.ESTATEOkay, so .ESTATE isn’t the sexiest New Domain, but it’s already at 9,000 registrations (mid-April 2014) and climbing steadily. So we’d be fools to leave it out. This New Domain branches from one of the hottest markets in the global economy—real estate. From protecting an estate to purchasing it, there are a lot of different applications for this New Domain, which is why we predict it breaks through the 10,000 mark soon.

.EQUIPMENTEveryone needs equipment. That sounds less profound than it actually is, but the bottom line is: There are a ton of ways to use a .EQUIPMENT domain name, from listing products, featuring new ideas and functions online and reviewing services and rental companies. .EQUIPMENT hit the ground running in February with domain registrations and has steadily increased ever since, making it one of our favorites to watch.

.SEXY.SEXY is the sexiest New Domain, hands down. And because this extension uses a unique term to encompass a breadth of different industries and products (can wine, socks and televisions be sexy? we say yes), .SEXY is gaining registrations at a fast pace and promising to make its way over the 10,000 mark very soon.

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