Customer Highlight: Meet Possible



We love talking to customers about the cool stuff that they’re building. We had the chance to meet one of our awesome customers, Possible, in New York City. Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that brings low-cost, high-quality healthcare to the world’s poor.

Possible is pioneering what they’re calling durable healthcare. Durable healthcare brings together the best private, public, and philanthropic models. Possible has already helped an astonishing 167,000 patients in rural Nepal get treatment through a referral network, community health workers, clinics, and government hospitals.

Mark Arnoldy of Possible told us that the organization was created because, “We feel healthcare is broken and it works the least for those who need it the most. We saw an opportunity to build a healthcare model that would work for the world’s poorest and our Manifesto says it all.”

If you want to learn more about Possible, we recommend that you check out their For-Impact Culture Code, which does a great job outlining their culture and values. You can read it here.

Possible also created a great Manifesto video that summarizes their vision in a brilliant way:


Also, since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, we’d love to help crowdfund as many safe birth’s as possible for a mother in need this Mother’s Day. Check out the crowdfunding campaign here and learn about how you can help crowdfund a safe birth.

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