March Madness

Spring is almost upon us! Surely the green beer will be flowing toward the end of the month and as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we thought we’d share a shortcut to the end of the rainbow:

Use the promo code, ‘SHAMROCKS‘ to receive:

$8.75 COM/NET registration and renewals

We’ve noticed a lot of momentum around .TV so we’re going to continue our special pricing;

$10.99 .TV registrations ($9.99/year when you register for multi-years)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the team! Watch out for those leprechauns! ;)

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  • Chandan

    any .in promo codes ? currently few reseller club offering renewal promo

    • Ashley

      No .IN promos currently Chandan.

  • aleooo

    I expected that there would be a promo for .tv renewals.
    It seems that i should transfer my .tv's to another registrar.

    • Ashley

      Bummer! I will pass along that we had a .TV renewal promo request.

  • Ahmed Abdikarim

    Cool Codes

  • Sam

    any dot .co promos???

    • Ashley

      Hey Sam, unfortunately no current .CO promos, we just had a .CO promo that ended on Feb. 12th.

  • Tom

    I second the .TV promo request

    • Tom


  • Ali Aamir

    looking .ORG promo on permanent basis, kindly think about it,

  • humorlook

    looking forward to a new promo,some domains need renewals soon..

    • Ashley

      Hey, 'SHAMROCKS' will be valid on COM/NET renewals through the end of the month.

  • Palaghianu Andrei down?!?!?! what's happening people?:O

  • Stefano

    request for .tv renewals promo too

  • Devi89

    is there any .im promo code?

    • Ashley

      Hey guys we'll keep your .tv renewal requests in mind. No current .IM promo codes Devi

  • Myhouseguru

    How about a .TV renewal promo codo!!!

  • Jeff

    Check out how spends what they say is Firday's drinking beer:

    My opinion is that they are always drunk. Both Support and the Bulk domain name person must come in plastered. There is no support. Answers my support questions.

    • Ashley

      Hey Jeff, do you have a case number? I'd be happy to follow up and see what's going on.

  • Match Rate Plus

    Look at the discount CheapName gave in response to Godaddy's Elephant Killing CEO….what a jerk!

    With his money he could have moved the elephants to his home and fed them for life! He could have gained business, but not now. I am moving my GD domains out of there!

    What is April's best code for I am buying domains for less elsewhere today because this blog is not UP TO DATE and with a new code.