Hashtags In Real Life

Something weird happened the other day, someone ended their sentence by saying, “hashtag…”. Well, I don’t remember what the hashtag was anymore but I thought it was pretty funny. Then I thought it was kind of interesting. Then it occurred to me, we should probably use hashtags in our everyday conversations to add a bit of context to what we are saying. Same goes for text messages. Imagine the following text message scenario:

“I just ran into a parked car :(”

“Man, ur such an idiot!”

“Ugh. Why do u have to be such a d!(k about everything?!?!”

Your relationship without hashtags.

Now, the “Man, ur such an idiot!” in this case was a quick off the cuff quip meant in jest, but since text messages more often than not have no context, they are quite frequently misconstrued. So, let us now imagine that same conversation with hashtags:

“I just ran into a parked car :(”

“Man, ur such an idiot! #lovingSarcasm”

“Pfft. Ur an idiot #flirtatiousSarcasm Now come make love to me! #seriously”

Your relationship with hashtags.

See how hashtags saved this poor couple from falling down the slippery slope of text message miscommunication? Don’t let it happen to you. If you’re unsure of the tone of your message, written or spoken, hashtag it!

Note: photos used in this blog post are of actual couples having used and not used hashtags in their text message communications.

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