Register a domain and get a free puppy

In an effort to show their appreciation for each and every person who buys a domain name with, the Denver-based domain registrar is offering a groundbreaking promotion where every new domain name comes with a free puppy.

Steve Banfield, general manager of, says that he’s never been a part of something so important and exciting. “To see the look on the customer’s face when they think they’re just getting a new .COM and they end up with an excitable Labradoodle … it just makes you realize the impact a domain can have on a person’s life,” said Banfield, who’s fresh off a nationwide tour discussing the new program.

Banfield (center) breaks the news of the puppies at a press conference.

Banfield (center) breaks the news of the puppies at a press conference.

The cornerstone of the company’s latest promotion is the use of 3-D printing. The exciting new technology has made printing new pets a breeze. According to Shannon Brown, the company’s product manager, all they need is a photo and a good home. “We’ve printed iguanas, cats, and some woodland creatures, but the puppies are by far the most popular,” Brown said while relaxing after a day of managing a web developing team and house training a freshly-printed platypus.

To see some of the technology in action, watch the video above. And, remember, there’s only one domain name registrar that loves its customers and its animals as much as*


*We don’t print our pets, but we do like April Fools. And we encourage you to rescue a friend from places like the Humane Society or no kill shelters.

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