Effective Offsite Seo Strategies To Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings


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A lot of the traffic we receive on our websites comes from search engines. Search engines are portals that search and arrange information on the World Wide Web accordingly. These search engines need to know that our websites exists in order to rank them on the search results. Therefore, it is imperative for us to ensure that our website appears on the first pages of search results in order to remain a profitable business. Here, we are going to discuss seven effective offsite SEO strategies we can take advantage of to improve the search engine ranking of our websites.


Article Directory Submission

The first offsite SEO strategy we should take into consideration is article directory submission. Submitting articles to article directories presents a free and easy way of generating targeted traffic to our website. This is because article directories allow us to include a link back to our website. This link helps us optimize our site and generate targeted traffic in two ways. The first way is that our readers can click on the link and go to our website after they are done reading the marketing article. The second way is that most article directories allow us to present this link under an anchor text. This anchor text can be one word or a phrase. Putting our link under these texts will help us improve our search engine ranking for these keywords. For example, our search engine ranking will improve significantly for the keyword ‘lose weight’ if we used it as our anchor text. Additionally, the more we write and submit articles to many article directories, the more targeted traffic we will receive.


Breaking PLR E-books into Articles and Using Them for Marketing Purposes

Marketing is a crucial determinant of success when it comes to our website. The amount of traffic we attract to our site highly depends on the amount of effort we put in marketing the site. We can break PLR e-books into several articles and use them for marketing purposes. These articles can then be used as marketing articles, newsletters, auto-responder content, and free reports. Using articles for marketing has been a highly effective way to drive loads of traffic to websites. We should break our PLR e-book into several articles of about 500 words each and submit them to article submission sites. Remember to include a link back to our website so that the article readers can easily find our website.

PLR e-books can also be broken down into newsletters and auto-responder content. Newsletters and auto-responder messages are commonly associated with email marketing. Sending relevant newsletters via email keeps our readers updated. We should use newsletters and auto responders more often to drive targeted traffic to our website and improve our search engine ranking.


Give a Free ebook or Report

Giving a free ebook or report creates a viral effect. Essentially, a viral effect occurs when information is passed on from one person to another. This information has to add value to their lives for these people to pass it on their colleagues. The more valuable information on our ebook or report, the more people it will be passed on to. When creating our free ebook, we should remember to include links to our sites. Keep in mind that to improve the search engine rankings of our site, these links should be related to the information in the ebook. For instance, we should not include links pointing to an investing blog on our weight loss ebook. This is because our ebook readers are not interested in investing but are interested in losing weight.


Build Links Professionally

Backlinks are links that point back to our website from other sites. An example is a tweet with a link back to our website. Building links back to our website is significant as it is a determinant for the success of our website. The more backlinks we build the greater chance of our website succeeding. However, there are legitimate ways of building links as well as illegitimate ways. Illegitimate ways of building backlinks are ways that are inconsistent with search engine guidelines, while legitimate ways are the accepted link building methods by search engines. More likely than not, search engines such as Google will ban us from their search engine results because of using illegitimate link building methods. As such, we should use legitimate link building methods.


Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a practice that allows us as webmasters to post content on other related blogs with a link back to our blog. First, we need to find relevant sites. Relevant sites in this case refer to sites with substantial traffic as well as related to our website’s niche. Once we find these sites, we should contact their owners for an opportunity to post as a guest blogger. Once they agree, we should write original, unique, and valuable articles and post them on these blogs. Do not forget to include a link back to our website to allow our guest blogging article readers to find our blog easily.


Tweet Posts

Twitter is social networking platform that allows us to post content from our blog as tweets. This practice of tweeting tells our twitter followers that we have something new on our website for them. Regularly tweeting our website posts on twitter helps build backlinks to our website because our followers can retweet our tweets, visit our website, read our articles, and decide to link to our website posts on their website. To leverage this opportunity, our posts should add value to the lives of our readers.


Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a free marketing practice that involves word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing is an effective marketing practice especially if it emanates from trustworthy sources. For example, if a trusted friend recommended a website to us, chances are we would visit this website at least once. Consequently, if we find that the website has valuable traits such as videos and posts, chances are that we would recommend it to other friends. This trend will continue on and on, generating a lot of traffic for our website. This will in turn generate more websites willing to link to ours.


In conclusion, offsite SEO strategies are of utmost importance to our website’s success. These strategies are primarily performed on other places other than the site itself, and take time to yield results. We should take advantage of effective offsite SEO strategies such as article directory submission, breaking PLR e-books into articles and using them for marketing purposes, giving a free ebook or report, building links professionally, guest blogging, tweeting posts, and viral marketing to improve our website’s search engine ranking.




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