Internet Marketing Tools And Management: What Does It Mean To Be An Affiliate?


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One of the best ways to get started earning an income online is to sell products and services as an affiliate.  The major advantage of doing this is that the affiliate doesn’t have to maintain customer service for the product sold.  It is a great way to learn the mechanisms that are necessary to create income online such as: list-building, getting traffic, copywriting, content creation, keyword research, paid advertising and email marketing.

An affiliate marketer helps a product or service seller by finding interested buyers in various stages of their desire to make a purchase.  When those buyers make a purchase, the seller pays the affiliate a commission on the sale.  The commission can range from 5% to 100% depending on the merchant and what they are selling.

The seller makes specially coded links available to affiliates, who pass the links on to interested buyers that they find.  In some cases, the seller requires the affiliate to go through an application process to sell their products and services.  In other cases, the seller makes their affiliate program available to anyone who wants to apply.

Successful affiliates typically focus on finding buyers interested in products within specific market niches.  By focusing on a particular niche, the affiliate can develop expertise in attracting those buyers as well as developing a subscriber list to pass on related deals and offers.  A subscriber list of targeted buyers is an affiliate marketer’s most valuable asset.

While an affiliate marketer doesn’t necessarily have to maintain customer service for the products and services purchased through their links, they do have to look at their buyers as customers.  This means that they must work to keep them interested in what they have to present to them as well as to work to gain a level of trust.

Affiliates who are successful in gaining the trust of buyers can expect to have repeat buyers in future offers.  This means that each buyer attracted by an affiliate expands their business and increases their ability to generate higher commissions as their business progresses.

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