Beer, Tacos, and Domain Names

(Note from the Blogfather: This entry contains epic images of unicorns and wolves, as well as some cussing.)

I’ve been in this industry for going on thirteen years now. I’ve worked for three different domain related companies and I can say without a doubt that is by far the most down to earth and realistic environment in which I have had the pleasure of being employed. Most of us don’t take ourselves too seriously but we have a good balance of people that do to keep us in check.

We have no illusions of changing the world or of actually becoming the next Facebook (not that we would complain if we did) but we do try our best to make each and every one of our customers lives as wonderful as possible in any way that we can. We spend a lot of time in the office and like to have fun whenever the opportunity presents itself. As a point of reference, many of us want to make these, with logos on their sleeves, our official company schwag:

We’re still hoping that we can pull that off, so feel free to chime in if you think those would be the most epic corporate t-shirts ever.

BEER I don’t think it’s any secret that we all pretty much love beer here. Ok, some of us love hard cider, whiskey, and other scrumptious beverages (one guy prefers iced tea) but you get my point. We built a kegerator some time ago and always keep it stocked with one tasty brew or another.

Did you know that beer dates to as far back as 9500 BC and is widely speculated by archaeologists to be instrumental in the formation of civilisations? It’s true. Beer is also good for you, in moderation. In the medieval ages it was quite often the only way in which one could consume water safely. It’s moderate consumption is associated with a decreased risk of cardiac disease, stroke and cognitive decline. Oh, and did I mention it’s ridiculously yummy? It’s like Jolly Ranchers for adults.

TACOS Few things go better with beer than tacos. Most of us tend to prefer tacos of the one dollar variety available only on Tuesdays at Brandon’s Pub in Cherry Creek. Personally, I’m a three soft flour chicken man myself. They also have two dollar beers which means that, depending on how many tacos you eat and whether or not you get a beer, you can walk out of there for somewhere around 4 – 6 dollars before tip and tax. That’s awesome. It’s like the of tacos and beer.

DOMAINS What does all of this have to do with domain names, web hosting and whatnot? Not a whole hell of a lot to be honest. But it’s some of our favorite things and it’s what fuels a large chunk of us to bring you the things that we bring you. We like the way we are to come across in the things that we do. We like to be funny and real, not boring and fake. We like to do things because they make sense and because they are the right thing to do. We strive to not be what gets made fun of in a Dilbert comic.

We aim to have a real conversation. We like doing business in the same way that we like doing our lives. Our CEO recently said “shit” in a video we plastered all over the Internet:

An Interview with the Founder and CEO of

Ok, so we bleeped it. I’m offended that we censored ourselves but hey, we can’t be completely real now can we? I bet pretty much everyone’s CEO says “shit” from time to time. I say let them say it and if you can’t handle it, get a set of earmuffs. Get out there and enjoy your lives, have fun, ride a bike, do something. But for the love of all that is holy don’t take yourself too seriously. When you’re dead you will be seriously dead and no one will remember you for being a stick in the mud, I promise.

Oh, also go buy a domain.

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