The March 2012 Promo Code Bursts with Spring Goodness

A new month and a new promo code. Spring has Sprung and we’re churning out deals like a mountain…well…spring. The lowdown is this: domain deals promo code

For the more literary, use the Promo Code “SPRUNG” for $9.99 COM/NET first-year Registration and Renewal, $8.99 .ORG Renewal and 25% off any Hosting Plan Renewal.

We’ve had a lot of requests for the .ORG renewal deal, and last month’s website hosting code for new sign ups fired up our base with queries such as, “Why aren’t you offering a @#!%^%&#$@#$%$!@&&#@$% promo code for hosting renewal?” Thank you. Here it is…now go and renew yourself like the sweet, sweet Spring that is on its way…(and if you’re buying a new domain, then I’m sure there’s some metaphor about being born and such but it just seems forced.) And thank you again.

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  • Matthew Meta

    Why aren’t you offering a @#!%^%&#$@#$%$!@&&#@$% promo code for domain transfers? :D

    I have 46 domains just waiting for a new registrar…

  • Ales McGregor

    Thank you team.

  • Agoeng Salim

    values uc0u8203 u8203 are still lacking a lot of promotional coupons :D

  • Mysore Trade

    but .org domains are being sold at a very very low cost at other places.

  • Suvechchha Saha

    Is there any code for .info renewal?

    • namedotcom

      There is no current promo for .INFO renewals. We’ll pass along the request to the team.

  • gtgtg

    i nedd code for .IM and .INFO renewal?

    • namedotcom

      Hey, thanks for stopping by – there is not currently a .IM or .INFO renewal promo code.

  • Grinch

    lmao 9.99 is a coupon?

  • 123kizi

    I have 58 domain by . But I have not yet used promo code for buy domain. This information very useful. Thanks team