Domain deals for September 2013: Get ready for some FOOTBALL


College football starts this weekend. The NFL season opener is Thursday night. International football is heating up with derby days, Champions League draws, and 11th-hour transfers. Football may mean a different game depending on your location, but it’s a universal sign of fall, and that’s why your September promo code is FOOTBALL. Use it to get $10.25 registrations and renewals for .COM and .NET.


Need some football-related inspiration?

Before you start your search, cue up some NFL films music…

Or rewatch that crazy Landon Donovan goal …

… And then get searching.

No promo code needed for these domain sales (registrations only):

.US—regularly $8.99, now $3.99
.BIZ—regularly $10.99, now $4.99
.CO.UK—regularly $8.99, now $7.99
.IM—regularly $10.95, now $5.99
.TV—lowest you’ll find at only $10.99 

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  • PromoCodeName

    Another amazing code. Saving big.


  • Barış Ünver

    I see that .IM domains are still $10.95 for me, is something wrong?

    • akehr

      Thanks a bunch for pointing this out. The pricing should be updated shortly.

      • Barış Ünver

        Thanks. It still wants $10.95 for my .IM renewal, though.

        • akehr

          Hey Baris, this is actually just pricing on shiny new .IM domains. New registrations are $5.99.

          • Barış Ünver

            It doesn’t say it’s just for “shiny new domains” on the post.

            So, your business strategy is luring people in with promotions while milking your existing customers as hard as you can? Sounds like a Godaddy-esque move.

          • namedotcom

            Hey Baris, that was an error on our part. Shoot us an email at ashley at and we’ll get you squared away. Apologies for the headache.

  • Machu Pichu

    $0.7 saving. not bad! Thank you

  • NiceTry

    Thanks for saving..

  • eDwaRd C.C.

    some code por .mx domains ?? :3

    • namedotcom

      hey Edward, we’ve got something up our sleeve for .MX in October so stay tuned!

      • eDwaRd C.C.

        thx 4 rapid response, but i need it now, thanks anyway! P:

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