Domain deals for October 2013: Carve a JACK-O-LANTERN


It’s October, and that means costumes, candy, and getting your hands all slimy when you’re hollowing out a pumpkin. So in the spirit of Halloween, your October 2013 promo code is JACK-O-LANTERN. Use it at checkout to receive $10.25 registrations and renewals on .COM and .NET domain names.


And check out these domain sales—no promo code needed (registrations only):

.US—regularly $8.99, now $3.99
.BIZ—regularly $10.99, now $6.99
.EU—regularly $7.99, now $5.99
.CO.UK—regularly $8.99, now $7.99
.DE—regularly $15.99, now $11.99
.IN—regularly $8.99, now $4.99

Our current .MX pricing is especially awesome:

.MX registrations are typically $44.99, but through October you can get .MX for $10.99, and you’ll save even more if you register for several years:

1 yr .MX registrations: $ 10.99
2 yr .MX registrations: $ 15.99
3 yr .MX registrations: $ 20.99
4 yr .MX registrations: $ 25.99
5 yr .MX registrations: $ 30.99

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  • MENJ

    Hi, I tried the code but it didn’t work?

    • akehr

      Just tested it and it’s working. Make sure you included the -’s. “JACK-O-LANTERN”

  • Safiha

    October Working codes list:

    1. PRIVACYPLEASE ( free whois)

    2. JACK-O-LANTERN ( $10.25 registrations and renewals)


  • Excitmental

    thanks as always :) always good to make a saving on those domains

  • Sreejesh

    Do you have any transfer coupon please?

    I want to transfer from Godaddy

    • akehr

      We have no promo codes for transfer because we’re already super competitive ($8.25). :)

      • Sreejesh

        $8.25 vs Godaddy offering transfer for $0.99 is super competitive? Really?

        • CandleFOREX

          Yes $8.25 is super competitive. It is also stright to the point with ICANN fees included and no surprises.

          With Godaddy you have ICANN fee of $0.18 cents added on and the $0.99 cent renewal is only for the first year, for the first domain, then additional years are $7.99. So one domain renewed for two years would cost:

          Godaddy: $0.99 + $0.18 + $7.99 (plus 2nd year ICANN fee of $0.18 ) = 9.34
 = $8.25 X 2 = $16.50

          But if you have two domains. for two years then it would work out like this:

          Godaddy: $7.99 + $0.18 + $7.99 + $0.18 = 16.32
 = $8.25 X 2 = $16.50

          So you save $0.18 cents every 730 days?
          If you worried about 18 cents over a two year period I would say you have much bigger problems than domain costs!

          • Sreejesh

            Ha ha ha, 18 cents. no I wont. lol thats funny.
            I might find better renewal coupon for the next year or again transfer to netfirms or hostgator for free along with hosting.

          • CandleFOREX

            Well if you have that many domains to move, perhaps email and ask nicely if they will give you an additional discount.

            If you help it, I would suggest not to move domains every year. It affect SEO and trust factors in Google rankings.

            I remember hostgator domains were $15.00 a year, maybe things have changed….

          • Mert Güner

            You are wrong :)

            Two domains two years:
            Name com = $8.25 x 2 = $16.50 x 2 = $33

            That means the difference is not $0.18, it is $16.68

  • Stuart Walker

    contemplating trans some of my .coms to NAME soom.. I already have a couple here, good company