Saint Patrick’s Day Domain Name Special

It’s early in the morning on St. Patrick’s Day and we’re going to try and convince our new corporate leaders to let us give you a discount.

Please hold.

All right. nOt much from management but Forker’s like, “whatever, maybe.

Forker is kind of the decider and We’re all buying her drinks. discount seems likely.

coms nad nets just 7.99 for a now!!! We got a code hold we gottacome up wit a code. hold on

it’slike not even 1pm. dude.

the code “stpartrickyeah”

com net 7.99 american.

i’ts just stpartrickyeah without the quotes

ends at 5pm MT. Today.

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  • ServerBear Stu

    Sounds like you’d had a few drinks before writing this post, decent discount though :)

    • Jared

      Thank you. Buying domains is much healthier than drinking.

  • Raja Kalsi is continuously increasing domain price…without providing latest promo code……….i had started with $7.99…today i have to buy at $10.99………not fare……..