Are Exact Match Domains in Trouble? (SEO)

Hey everyone,

There’s been some buzz lately about exact match domain names and how search engines (particularly Google and Bing) may be not giving them as much authority in the future. We at believe strongly is the power of registering exact match domain names for SEO purposes but I wanted to open up this question to the community.

A Long Time Ago…
In the past (a decade ago) you could effectively keyword-stuff your content to the hilt and Yahoo would love you and instantly promote you. Now, that is changed. Also, Google used to allow hidden keywords (same color as background) and you could still rank higher. I’ve honestly never attempted this but have caught plenty of people doing it even within the last year or two.

I took a formal search engine marketing (SEM) course recently in Denver and the instructor said she used to have great success stuffing adult-related keywords (hidden) within her text and meta data. Of course, we’re all glad that you can no longer get away with this. But, what would be the inherent risks involved if Google were to take exact match domains and not give them as much authority?

Why Would Exact Match Domains Be Devalued?
Many are speculating that Google might be demoting the importance of exact match domains in 2011 because so many good domains are just hosting parked pages and remain undeveloped. Too often, the domain you want is just sitting in somebody’s account and you have to pay a premium price to acquire it.

Despite the costs involved, having a premium exact keyword match domain is still by far the best way to go if you’re developing a new site in a competitive industry. Just like in the Octane360 examples I showed a few weeks ago, you can effectively climb to page one of Google in a relatively short amount of time by getting the exact match domain and developing a very minimal amount of content.

What would you do if having exact match domains becomes less important in 2011? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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