Great things happen with good domain names

Hey fellow Namers,

It’s been a great month here in Denver – mostly because the snow is melting – but also because we’re still quickly growing. As many of you saw last year, we were added to the Top 5 Best Registrars in Domain Wire’s annual survey because of your write in votes – thanks guys! (We’re still waiting for 2011 DW survey results). Since that time, we have moved to a new office location, released our reseller API program, and have worked on a number of awesome additional products that will be rolled out shortly.

Our Success Comes from Our Name
If there is anything that I’ve learned from this company’s success, its that the power of a good domain name is paramount to anything else you can do to build your business and your brand online. From a branding perspective, your domain name can literally mean success or failure for your start up business. From a reseller perspective, domain selection is key to getting the most value for your domains.

Additionally, when it comes to SEO and ranking well in Google, keyword-rich domain names can literally save you months or years of time because exact-match domains and/or keyword-rich domains require very little content and backlinks to rank well quickly in Google. I wrote about the importance of keyword-rich domains previously and I highly suggest you review it before picking your next domain.

Your Domain is Your Brand
I do business development here at and in that process I contact a lot of businesses to search out strategic relationships (find people who want to use our domain name API).

One of the best ways to get in contact with other businesses is simply by filling out a web form or direct email. It’s not surprising that when I email somebody through a web form (the equivalent of cold calling), I have a much greater success rate when I include our brand “Name” in the subject line.

For instance, if I email somebody with a subject title of “reseller api opportunity” I get ZERO response. However, when my subject title says “ API,” that grabs attention and I get a much higher response. Are we growing because is a massive company with a large advertising budget? No. It’s simply because our domain name rocks (and we have super quick and easy domain registration as you know).

Tips for Building YOUR Name
Ok, we already took the best domain ( but how do you build YOUR name online? Start by using our domain suggestion tool and be sure to select the “Include Google Keyword Suggestions” box.

Our system displays domain results based on traffic volume (via the Google Adwords API). If you can grab a great .com or .net domain that already has visible traffic (an exact match domain) then you’re off to a good start. In using the domain name suggestions tool, you’ll find that there are a lot of other great TLDs (Top Level Domains) that are really concise and simple.

Let’s say for example that you are going to start advertising on the radio for your air conditioning/HVAC company in Denver. It might make sense for you to advertise a simple, easy-to-remember domain name that people can remember and will drive traffic to your site (with domain forwarding). I just searched the term “denver hvac” and found the following available domains (on the Google Keywords Suggestions tab):


Ok, I’ll be the first to admit you really need a strong .COM or .NET domain if you’re relying on search engine traffic. However, in the above example let’s pretend we are doing a radio promo and you already own another domain:

I’m stating the obvious here but a short domain (even though it’s a .info) is something people WILL remember. You should NOT run your radio ad with your main domain name. Rather, you should register “” and have that forward to your main site. This also allows you to track the traffic that was a result of your radio campaign helping you to access your ROI (return on investment).

Don’t Forget
In summary, think of your domain as your brand. Realize that great companies never start with horrible domain names (well, that’s actually not true – but for most of us this applies). Use your “branded” domain to solicit potential customers every chance you get. Use our domain suggestions tools to save time with your domain search; don’t settle for long-winded domain names unless you are specifically targeting search engine phrases and depending primarily on search engine traffic. Above all, have fun and keep us posted on your success!

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