Website Builders vs. Hosting: Which Should You Use?


Iferrera, IMG, July 7, 2010 via Flickr, Creative Commons License

So you’re finally ready to do it. You’ve wound up your courage and decided to start a website for your new business.  Your friends have been edging you on, and your grandmother who used to be a computer pro in her day has even offered to help you design it. She can’t really tell you whether it’s better to have a web hosting company build the site, or to use a web builder (they were different in her day, you know), but she says she’s in for the ride. Nervously, you’ve been reading books like crazy to figure out what’s involved with getting started on line and creating a web presence, and after hours of research, you’ve decided that you need to answer this question first.

So which is better?

The answer really depends on preference and the amount of time and experience you have on your hands.

Web-Building Software
Many of us dream of building our own site from ground up, but are intimidated by the work involved. That’s where web building software comes in. The templates are generally geared toward the user who has little or no experience building websites. The results depend upon the software that’s used and largely, on the builder’s experience. We’ve found that this system works satisfactorily for many website owners who want to keep costs to a minimum.

But we have also found that do-it-yourself website builders don’t always factor in the learning curve required for building a website, or time needed for tweaking or changes after the fact.
So, web builders are great for the person who has time on his hands to maintain the site and wants to minimize the out-of-pocket costs.

Using the Expertise of a Hosting Company
Having the site built by an experienced web hosting company, however, removes much of the necessity for hands-on involvement. This works great for site owners who want a more complex site and more “wow” effect.

Hiring a designer is more expensive, but much more rewarding for the owner who has limited time and wants to concentrate on building a web presence, and the many other details involved with getting started online. Experienced web designers can often suggest layout options that standard templates can’t offer.

So, if you have the time to invest and want the satisfaction of building a website yourself, then a website builder program is a useful and economical approach for those who don’t have a lot of html experience. If on the other hand, you want a unique website that is designed with your specific product and brand in mind, then a web hosting company may be your best choice.

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