Internet Marketing Tools And Management: What Is Google Adsense?


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For those getting started online, one of the easiest ways to earn an income is to create content that: 1) you are passionate about and 2) that people are interested in.  When you are consistent in creating content that you care about, you will be attracting readers, listeners and followers who will want to hear more from you. And when they begin to seek you out, you will have accomplished one of the first key milestones in being able to earn an income online: getting traffic to your website.

The way that you will earn money is to give advertisers the opportunity to post relevant promotions on your site that will attract interested buyers.  These advertisers are willing to pay you for each visitor that they are able to get.  That is one of the chief benefits of creating a web presence: businesses are interested in the people that you attract.

One of the best ways of bringing in those advertisers who want to place relevant promotions on your website is to work with the Google Adsense program.  The Adsense program uses computer programming to analyze your content, search its database of advertisers and place their promotions in visible spaces on your website.

Each visitor who is interested enough to click the promotion registers a payment from the advertiser to Google.  Google then automatically passes on 68% of that payment to the website owner.  For those who are looking to create an income from the audience and readers that they bring without selling them anything directly, it is a fantastic way to generate income.

However, for those who are building a brand, the program may not necessarily be the right fit.  As Google finds advertisers relevant to the content you are creating, it is likely that they will find businesses that are similar to yours.  You will be attracting an audience but subsequently sending them to another site. In that case, it may be more suitable for you to work directly with advertisers that will not dilute your brand.

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