Creating Engaging Audio Content: Reviewing The Blog Talk Radio Platform


filthedesign , blog talk radio, February 23, 2009 via Flickr, All Rights Reserved

Creating websites with good written content is only one way to engage an audience on the Internet.  Businesses that have compelling images can get people to take notice of things that they may not have looked at otherwise.  Additionally, video content can also be created and used when a personal connection is warranted.

Companies have also pursued audio formats for some of their prospects and customers .Typically this is done through a form referred to as a podcast.  Podcasting was the term popularized by Apple’s Ipod Mp3 player which allowed its users to download audio from its website and listen to it on the go.  Now the term is representative of verbal audio content in a downloadable format.

Podcasts can be cumbersome for content creators when they would prefer to have a live audience, and requires technical skill to administer. For those who would like to produce audio content, make it downloadable and as well as produce their content live, Blog Talk Radio provides an excellent platform.  Blog Talk Radio provides individuals with low cost Internet radio channels to be able to reach an audience with their content.

Launched in 2006, Blog Talk Radio invites users to open an account to create and share content.  The controls given to users are the same basic tools given to a host on broadcast radio.   Users can upload audio to be played during the broadcast, as well as allow for live calls-ins from guests.  It also allows for interviews between two parties with only one of them having to be in the “studio.”

Blog Talk Radio is fully integrated with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which make it easy to provide access to the content for those who follow a particular individual, brand or company. Listeners are able to access any show by knowing the URL of the episode.  However, listeners can also find out about episodes through returned results in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).  Companies that have conversation-oriented content should consider this platform to make their brands known.