How To Get A Website Up In 20 Minutes


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In this article we are going to learn how to get our own website up and running in 20 minutes or less. Getting started online is easy when the instructions are simply laid out for us at the beginning.

The first step in building a website and getting it live is understanding the terminology as well as all the fundamental working parts involved. The first section of this article is going to explain the fundamentals for you. When we are done reviewing all the fundamental pieces, we will move on to learning how to use each piece in order to build our first website.

The Moving Parts:

Domain Name:
A Domain name is simply your website address. An example of a domain name is:

Domain Registrar:
A domain registrar is a company that is accredited to manage the registration of domain names. Here at, we just so happen to offer domain registrar services.

In order to own a domain name we must go through a domain registrar and purchase our domain name through them.

Web Hosting:
Web hosting is simply some space on a computer server. The Internet is basically a bunch of computers all connected to one another through an Internet connection. Each website on the Internet is hosted on one or more servers somewhere in the world. This means that each website has a physical computer hard drive that it is stored in somewhere in the world.

In order for our website to be connected to the world wide web, it must be hosted on a server somewhere; a server that is professionally managed and that is connected to the Internet at all times.

Web Hosting Company:
A web hosting company is an entity that provides us with website hosting.

Choosing the proper webhosting company is important because they will be responsible for keeping all our website data safe. Good web hosting companies are online 99.99% of the time so we never have to worry about our website being inaccessible.

Using Different Companies For Hosting And Domain Registration:
Many companies provide both web hosting and domain registration. When creating a website online we have the choice to either buy our domain and hosting from the same company or we can buy our domain name from one company and get our hosting from another.

To illustrate this let’s take a hypothetical example:

I could register my domain with the domain registrar and then get my web hosting from another company.

The question you are probably asking is: Why would we buy hosting and domain names from different companies when they can be purchased from the same company?

You shouldn’t. Having both your domain and hosting through one company is the absolute easiest way to manage everything under one roof.

Web Hosting Packages
Before we can set up a website, we will have to choose a webhosting package. The most basic packages are the least costly and the more features we need, the higher the price goes.

Do not let all the options and packages intimidate or confuse you. For most people, the basic package is enough to support a normal beginner’s website; we don’t want to spend more money than we have to on hosting.

I would advise choosing a hosting plan that allows you to host an unlimited number of domains under the same hosting account; this way you won’t need to buy new hosting every time you create a new website; you will be able to manage all your websites under one hosting account.

Getting Your Website Live:

In this section we are going to buy a website domain, get it hosted and put up a simple WordPress site.

Step 1:
Go to and purchase a domain and a hosting account.

Step 2:
Go into your Cpanel, the back-end hosting dashboard in your account, and click on the Fantastico De Luxe icon (It’s a smiley face). In the left tast bar, click WordPress, then New Installation.

Step 3:
The WordPress installation only takes a matter of seconds.

After a few seconds you will receive a success notification along with your WordPress login details and your WordPress admin URL; save all this information on a document in your computer.

Step 4:
Type the website domain name into your Internet browser and you will see a blog with the title “Hello World!”

Congratulations, you now have a fully functional website up and running!

In order to begin editing this website simply follow the link provided to you during your WordPress installation. Once inside the WordPress admin area you can make as many changes to your website as you like!

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