Name Apps: Choosing the best platform for your website

how to choose the best platform for your website

So you’ve bought a New Domain that you love and you’re ready to get a website started. What’s the first thing you do? Choose a platform for creating and maintaining your website!

But with all of the options out there it can be difficult to figure out which platform is right for you. So instead of spending hours on the web researching all of your options, don’t stress—we’ve already done that for you!

In fact, we’ve filled the Apps page with a ton of platforms, apps, and social media tools to help you create a website you love. Whether you’ve never built a website in your life or you built eight and a half of them last Thursday, you’ll find exactly what you need on the Apps page. And to sweeten the deal even more, we’ve made it ridiculously easy to set up—most platforms and apps can be installed with just the click of a button.

To help you get to know the App store, we’re highlighting some of our favorite applications. Check out this list to determine which website platform will work best for you.


As one of the most popular options on the internet, WordPress is a flexible platform that can work for businesses in almost every industry. Thousands of WordPress themes and plugins make it easy to customize your site without needing to know how to code.’s RapidPress makes it even easier to create and use a WordPress site by bundling all of the features your business needs into a single easy-to-use package—we set up hosting and install WordPress for you. Website Builder

If you want a fully-customized website without having to learn to code, look no further than the Website Builder. Beautiful templates and a ton of customization options make this platform ideal for website owners who want to have more control over their site. (And better yet, you can try it for free!)


A popular website for younger audiences, Tumblr is a platform that lets you get creative with your blog content. Keep in mind that Tumblr is typically not the best place for text-heavy posts. Instead, you’ll need to post high quality images and GIFs several times a day to capture your audience and keep them engaged.


Wix uses a drag and drop system to make it easy for beginners to create great websites. One helpful feature is the ability to preview your site in tablet or mobile view to make sure everything works properly on a smaller screen. However, Wix does not have sophisticated SEO capabilities and plugins cannot be used to add additional features.


This platform is known for its clean design and ease of use. It’s also a great option for growing businesses because it’s easy to upgrade your website whenever you need. However, some knowledge of HTML and CSS may be necessary if you really want to customize your template.


As a new contender to the field, SpaceCraft helps small business owners create websites through a drag and drop interface. One of the coolest things about the platform is that it places special emphasis on ensuring usability across all devices.


Blogger a great platform for anyone creating their first blog. There are thousands of options for themes and plugins, but unlike many other platforms, you also have the option of editing your code. One setback is that Blogger does not offer any upgrades, meaning you run the risk of outgrowing the platform and having to switch to a new one.


Weebly is another platform that uses a drag and drop system for website building. It is also chock full of features like lightbox galleries and slideshows. But on the downside, it’s tricky to change CSS and HTML, and some of its features are perceived as too simple for veteran bloggers and web designers.

Don’t miss part two of this series, where we’ll go over the features and benefits of various social media tools in Name Apps!

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