Building A Company Vision From The Inside Out

(This is the first in the series inspired by a meeting where our CEO admitted while we’ve worked our tails off, we’ve been as non-corporate as a company can be, and need to step it up and set goals and all that corporate stuff. We’re still cool. Actually, that’s the point, how do we remain cool while stepping out of our flip-flops and donning the proverbial suit?)

Introduction: Puberty!

We think we’re a pretty open and transparent company. After all, we do invite you inside to tour our offices, give us feedback on upcoming redesigns, and if god forbid something happens and a server goes down, we’re on the front lines of Facebook and Twitter letting you know the play by play. Today however we kick open the doors and begin the discussion that every grown up has to have: we’re going to talk about our company vision. More specifically, our journey to discovering our vision, what a vision is, and why having a solid, defined, clear vision is important for the success of any business. As we go through this process, we’re going to turn ourselves inside out. We invite you to follow along.

First, get to know us a little. is an 8-year old startup. We’ve been successful by offering an easy and accessible user experience with little upsell and a ton of customer service. It’s been good to us, but sometimes we joke that we are in the awkward teenager phase trying to figure out who we are, what our strengths are and what we need to work on. We need to define who we really want to become. The short answer is that we’re here to make money (just being honest!), and in order to do that we must deliver excellent products and services, at competitive prices, and provide stellar support. That is great but we want to be better than great – we want to be the best. So how do we get there? First we have to figure out where ’91there’ is’85

Next up’85Finding Our Vision! Is that you and your company? Let us do the hard work and follow our road to one Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 6:59 pm February 6, 2012
Walt Spence

Great to see a company not only preaching about transparency but actually following through with it. Looking forward to the follow up article.