You Can Win a .BIKE Domain Name | Ride with Adam Jensen Episode 2

Adam Jensen by Galen Thunder Race

When we last left off, we were explaining how you can get a free .BIKE domain name. It all starts…and finishes…with Adam Jensen, support legend and rapidly ascending road bike racer. Every weekend he races, and every weekend he gets closer and closer to victory. And here’s the deal: when he wins a race, the first 20 people to contact jared at name dot com (upon our announcement of the victory on YouTube and this blog) win a .BIKE domain for their website.*

The good news for you and Jensen (and everyone vying for victory here) is that this freakishly good racer named Gage Hecht has moved up to the pros. He’s young and like the Justin Bieber of road bikes, but now his success has thrust him out of Adam Jensen’s way–nay!–out of YOUR way to victory. Because when Jensen wins you win!

Here’s the latest race from the Colorado chapter of the International Christian Cycling Club. Jensen showcases some awesome speed.**

*Valued at $34.99 for the one-year registration. You must either have a account or be able to open a account to register the .BIKE domain name. No purchase necessary. Not invalid anywhere (as far as we know.) The first 20 people to respond  to jared at name dot com after the announcement of Adam’s victory will receive credit in their account for the $34.99 to buy the .BIKE domain of their choice. I’m pretty sure we’re not liable for anything ever, other than providing a sweet Internet experience that nets you the best web presence ever.

**With much thanks to Galen Stilgebauer who seems to be the preeminent Adam Jensen documentarian.